Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 12

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 12 – Madeline was stunned. Her mind was completely blank.

“Maddie, Maddie.”

After some time, Madeline heard someone calling her name.

She came back to her senses and saw a familiar face. It was her only best friend, Ava Long.

Ava looked at Madeline who was extremely pale; she felt extremely angry and worried. “Madeline, you’re such a bad friend. Why didn’t you tell me such big news?”

Madeleine was confused. “Ava, why are you here?”

“You’re one to say. You called me last night, but before you could finish talking, you passed out,” Ava reached out her hand to touch Madeline’s forehead as she spoke. “Madeline, did you lose your memory?”

Of course, Madeline had not lost her memory. She remembered Jeremy choking her before leaving her the night prior. Consequently, she hit her stomach on the corner of the bed and was in so much pain that could not get up. Nevertheless, he just walked away without a care in the world. He even said those heartless things before he left.

Her heart was sliced open, and the pain penetrated her bones.

Ava turned around and sat on the bed. Her expression was serious. “Where’s Jeremy? He’s your husband. You’re hospitalized and he’s nowhere to be seen.”

Madeline averted her gaze in guilt. “Jeremy is busy.”

“He’s busy staying with his mistress, Meredith, huh?” Ava hit the nail on the head. “Madeline, you’re so crazy about that man that you’ve become confused and disoriented. You’re in this state, and you’re still helping him.”

Madeline laughed at herself. “It’s all because I like him.”

“I think you won’t be able to like him for long.” Ava’s words were still straightforward. “Did you hear what the doctor said just now?”

Madeline was stunned once again. Ava looked at her, and she felt a lump form in her heart.

“You can have another child in the future. Your life is more important.”

Madeline laughed at herself. “There won’t be any.”

Ava looked at her in confusion. When she was about to say something, Madeline suddenly held her hand.

“Ava, don’t tell anyone about this. Especially, Jeremy.”

“Madeline, are you insane? Do you want to k**l yourself for the child?”

Ava stood up emotionally. However, just as she was about to yell at Madeline, her phone’s custom ringtone rang.

Madeline was stunned. She looked at the caller ID and answered after a few seconds. Jeremy’s was heard from the other end of the phone. “Madeline, are you doing this on purpose?”

The man’s accusations confused Madeline.

“If I don’t see you in the house in half an hour, you can forget about showing up ever again.”

Madeline finally remembered what Jeremy had told her the night before. Today was his mother’s 50th birthday. She had to go over as his wife.

When she was about to agree, Ava snatched her phone away. “Jeremy Whitman, is this how a husband should behave? Don’t you know that your wife is…”

Madeline was scared that Ava would tell him about the tumor, so she snatched back the phone. “I’ll go over right now!” After she said that, she hung up the phone. She did not dare waste another second.

Ava was resentful toward Madeline for failing to meet her expectations. However, she had no choice. Before she sent Madeline into the cab, Ava reminded Madeline very sternly to take care of herself. Madeline nodded in agreement.

When Madeline arrived at Whitman Manor, the party had already started. A lot of nicely-dressed socialites and wealthy women could be seen chatting in the garden. Since Madeline had come straight from the hospital, she was wearing a casual, grey outfit. She looked like she was from another world.

Thus, she lowered her head. Just as she was about to look for Jeremy, a woman turned around and bumped into her. The wine splashed out from the woman’s glass as she was passing by.

“My dress!” The woman exclaimed. She glared at Madeline angrily. “Can’t you watch where you’re going? Are you blind? How can the Whitmans have such an insensible maid like you?”