Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1194

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1194 – The old man then praised Ryan, saying, “Mr. Jones is also one of a kind. With elites like you guys in Interpol, I’m sure there will be fewer and fewer evils in this world.”

When he said that, Jeremy smiled lightly at Ryan who was smiling brightly. “Sir Calver’s right. Mr. Jones had the most difficult task. He merely got an order to protect my family, but in the end, he was misunderstood by everyone that he was having an affair with my wife. In truth, Ryan never had a wife to begin with.”

As Jeremy said that, he tightened his hug on Madeline. His gaze was sharp when he continued, “And my wife merely had to go along with it for the sake of my job and take on the empty title of being Mrs. Jones for half a year. The truth is, Eveline has always been Mrs. Whitman. That is one thing that has never changed.”

Even though Jeremy said that with a smile, his tone sounded as if no one was to add another word to what he said.

He made sure to look right at those women who had targeted Madeline just now and made them flush red with embarrassment.

Ryan was put in a difficult position where he found it hard to recover his position. He had always been a modest gentleman in the eyes of the public, so he could not openly offend Jeremy in front of everyone and say that Madeline was his rightful wife when it came to their marriage certificate.

It was impossible for him to destroy his image that he had established for many years on such an occasion.

He smiled faintly and tried to maintain his demeanor. The only thing he could do was agree. “Sir Calver, you think too highly of me. I’m part of the investigation team. If the higher-ups give me a task, I’ll have to do my best to do it no matter what it takes.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Sir Calver nodded in relief. “Then, enjoy the banquet tonight and relax.”

“We will.” Ryan smiled and gave a blessing as if he was pious. “May you continue to live a long and healthy life.”

Sir Calver was full of joy and turned around to greet the other guests.

The women from earlier just turned around angrily for fear of humiliating themselves again.

Soon, only Madeline, Jeremy, and Ryan with the forced smile upon his face were left in the small area.

“Jeremy, don’t think that this is you having the last say,” Ryan said with implication as his gaze stayed on Madeline’s face for two seconds. Then, he walked away.

When passing by Madeline, Ryan lowered his head slightly and said in a low tone so that only Madeline could hear him. He whispered, “You’ll regret this.”

His words passed through Madeline’s ears, making her heart sink a little.

Madeline knew what Ryan meant by saying those words. She clenched her fingers and started to worry about Jeremy’s health.

She was afraid that getting the fourth bottle of reagent would not be that simple anymore.

“Now that he’s gone, are you still thinking about him?” The man’s jealous voice sounded from above.

Madeline snapped out of it and knew that Jeremy was angry at her to say that.

Deep down, he knew who was the one who had her heart.

When he saw that Madeline did not give him a reply, Jeremy’s eyebrows furrowed a little. He looked at her small face that had not recovered and asked, “Bad girl. If you’re still hurt, why did you come?”

Even though his tone sounded like he was complaining and nagging, the truth was that he was speaking out of care and heartache.

Even though Madeline wanted to tell him everything, she could not. All she could do was listen in silence.

That made Jeremy even more suspicious, but because he did not want to force Madeline, his tone turned gentle.

“Linnie, I’m not angry with you. I definitely don’t think that you’re deliberately deceiving me, but I just want to know why you’re doing this? Why did you come with Ryan to such an event?”