Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1186

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1186 – Madeline’s mind was somewhere else as well, so she changed the subject. “I’m a little hungry, Jeremy. Could you buy me something to eat?”

“What do you want to eat?”

“I’ll eat anything my husband buys for me.” Madeline’s eyes turned into crescent moons as she smiled.

Placing a k**s at the corner of her lips, Jeremy turned around to help Madeline sit properly on the bed before he left.

Just as Jeremy left, Madeline pushed her exhausted and weak body up to reach for her bag by the side.

Her memory seemed to have returned. Her left leg did indeed seem to have touched something when she was in the river. Now that she thought about it, it must have been a rock that gave her the g**h.

Madeline thought to herself as she opened her bag.

However, after a round of rifling, all she found were her keys, wallet, and lipstick. The most important anti-toxoid test reagent bottle was gone!

Madeline’s heart raced frantically. She searched again but came up empty-handed.

“How could it be gone?” She was confused. Thinking about the moment she jumped into the river until she got back up on shore and drove back to the manor, she remembered checking her bag and the bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent was still there. Where was it now?

She needed to inject Jeremy with the anti-toxoid test reagent today. She could not lose the anti-toxoid test reagent now!

Madeline threw the covers off and got off the bed, ignoring the pain.

Anxious, she searched the entire room but it was to no avail.

“Did Jeremy take it?” Madeline could only think of such a possibility.

Panicking, she reached for the phone by her pillow and was about to call Jeremy when the hospital room door opened.

“Were you looking for this, Eveline Montgomery?” A woman’s voice sounded by the door.

Madeline spun around to see the woman behind the threatening calls whom she had met in the hospital basement the other day.

The woman was slim and wore a pair of sunglasses just like the other day.

Madeline did not have the mind to think deeper into who this woman was for her eyes were locked on the antidote in her hands.

“Why do you have my things? Give it back to me!” Madeline ignored her injury and marched over to snatch it back.

The woman curled her red lips and side-stepped out of Madeline’s path.

Madeline’s body was weak. She reached out to hold the wall for support as she took a deep breath to regulate her condition.

“Tsk. What a pity. Not only did you give your body away, but you also gave your life just for this antidote. What a great sacrifice you’ve made for Jeremy,” the woman sneered.

Madeline spun around, her pale complexion turning dark. “Shut your mouth and all that nonsense it’s spewing. Give my antidote back to me!”

Madeline did not want to fight with this woman for she felt that this woman knew of the trade she had made with Ryan. This woman had come prepared, or she would never try to steal the antidote.

Yet Madeline had never done anything by the lines of giving her body away!

Walking back to grab his phone, Jeremy arrived at the hospital ward and was about to push the door when he heard the voice of an unfamiliar woman sneering inside.

“Stop pretending already, Eveline Montgomery. I saw you. You and Ryan met secretly by the hospital entrance when your daughter was admitted to the hospital. He brought you home and when you two were done, he brought you back to the hospital too. How kind of him.”

Madeline had not expected this woman to have seen them back then. She had no idea why this woman had her eyes on her either. “Who are you?”

The woman smirked sinisterly and waved the antidote in her hands. “You’ll know the answer to that in due time. The question now is whether you want this or not?”

Of course, Madeline wanted the antidote back, but it was obvious that this woman did not have any good intentions.

“I’ll give it to you if you want, Eveline. Although, we’ll have to see if you can catch it or not!”

The woman scoffed before suddenly raising her hand to throw the antidote at the balcony.

Madeline’s heart lurched. “No!”