Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1180

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1180 – Madeline did not wish for Jeremy to be upset again.

Ryan glanced at Adam when he noticed Madeline unable to bring herself to comply with the requirement.

Adam got Ryan’s implicit message and strolled to the front of Madeline. “This half a month, there has been an improvement to Jeremy’s condition, right?”

Madeline’s icy stare was fixed on Adam’s face. “If the reagent is genuine, you’ll know best about its outcome.”

Adam could make out that Madeline held a grudge against him, but he was not bothered at all. Instead, he wore a smile on his face.

“The reagent is genuine, of course. Besides, as long as you inject it at the given time frame, the poison in his body will slowly clear up. However…”

Adam paused for a few seconds.

“However, I ought to tell you this. During the process of administering the anti-toxoid reagent, should there be any interruption or if the timing is messed up, it will end up having an adverse effect. Which means, if Jeremy does not inject the third dosage, the previous two doses of anti-toxoid reagent will urge the poison to build up.”

“What are you talking about…” Madeline was dumbfounded after listening to Adam.

It felt as if her bones were bitten by millions of ants. It felt like her heart was being torn apart.

She was being set up.

She initially thought she was trying to save Jeremy. Who knew she had fallen for their trap as well?

“Adam! You’re not even human!” She suddenly reached out and grabbed Adam’s collar. “Just because of your so-called experiments, you even use humans as your experimental subjects!”

Madeline was so mad that her body was shaking, but Adam was not even the slightest bit bothered at all.

“Why are there such cruel people like you on earth?!”

“Everyone has their target in life. As long as they achieve those targets, no one will care about the process.” Ryan’s voice came traveling from behind Madeline.

She turned around. “So, everything you’ve done is for your so-called target? Ryan, what are you plotting?!”

“Will you believe me if I say that all I want is you?” Ryan counter-questioned.

Madeline’s eyes were brewing with mockery. “You don’t deserve me!”

Ryan frowned, but soon, he let out a smile. “Regardless of whether I deserve you or not, this coming Thursday, you must fulfill my requirement. Or else, you’ll bear with the consequences.”

He gave the anti-toxoid reagent to Madeline.

Madeline took it and immediately spun around.

Ryan stared at Madeline’s back figure, who was leaving the scene, while feeling exasperated. He turned to look at Adam. “How’s her condition?”

“Everything’s normal for now, but once her condition deteriorates, it’s going to be a worse torment than what Jeremy is experiencing now.”

Ryan giggled in satisfaction. “Don’t let her be so full of herself. If it’s not for her being rather useful, she would’ve been d**d along with Yorick a long time ago.”

The sky became dark. Madeline sat in Ryan’s car and returned to the parking lot.

Before getting out of the car, Ryan reminded her of the coming Thursday’s event.

Madeline did not answer. She slammed the car door and walked to her car.

Just when she was crossing the road, someone suddenly rushed to her. They snatched her purse and crossed the red traffic light, making their way to the opposite road.

That purse contained the anti-toxoid reagent which she had tried so hard to get her hands on. She would not allow it to go missing!

Madeline could bother about the traffic light. She went and chased after the man who snatched her purse.

“Give me back my purse!”

Madeline roared while running, her speed gradually increasing.

She could not afford to lose the reagent!

‘That’s Jeremy’s lifeline!’

The robber did not expect Madeline to run so fast. After chasing for some time, he got anxious. He spotted a river and quickly threw the purse into it!