Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 118

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 118 – After her poisonous warning, Meredith violently pulled Madeline’s hair, shoving her head into a tree trunk over and over again, until Madeline had a gaping wound on her head.

Madeline understood why Meredith had ordered some thugs to beat her up beforehand, it was to make it easier for Meredith to torture her right now. Madeline had absolutely no power to fight back. Madeline’s wound on her forehead had only just begun to heal, but it was once again open and bleeding.

However, the pain that Meredith had brought onto her was not limited to just that. At the moment, Madeline was slumped on the floor, leaning against a dried-up tree, her pale face full of dirt and blood, looking absolutely terrifying.

Meredith stood in front of Madeline, grabbing onto her chin. “Oh, look at how pathetic you are right now. Quit dreaming of seducing any more men. You can forget about Jeremy, as for Felipe…”

She paused for a moment before letting out a crazy laugh.

“Madeline, do you really think a high-class man like Felipe would even look at a knocked up ex-convict like you?” Meredith was filled with the feeling of superiority as she constantly belittled Madeline.

She was always jealous of Madeline’s gorgeous looks and was always worried that Jeremy would eventually be seduced by that face of hers. However, now Madeline’s face had been completely ruined by her.

Looking at Madeline’s face bleeding, Meredith was extremely satisfied. However, Madeline did not utter a single word, she never broke her defiant state on Meredith.

Meredith laughed without a care in the world, grabbing onto Madeline’s chin again. “I warned you not to go against me. There is only one outcome if you fight me, and that is a fate worse than d***h!”

She bit through her last words, absolutely confident that she could make Madeline’s life just like h**l on earth from now on. That was because, behind her was not just Jeremy Whitman, but also the Montgomeries.

Just as Meredith was happily devising the next step in her torture of Madeline, Madeline suddenly lunged up, snatching the DNA test papers from Meredith’s hands. It was only when her hands were empty that she realized Madeline did not scream or fight back earlier all for the sake of that moment!

“B*tch!” She shouted in anger, trying to snatch the report back, but she saw that Madeline had already ripped open the envelope, taking out the documents within. Meredith panicked at the sight, raising her leg to send a fierce kick to Madeline’s back.

Madeline was sent sprawling on the floor by the kick as the familiar taste of blood came from her throat. In the next second, she spat out a massive mouthful of blood.

Even with the situation like that, her grip on the DNA test papers did not loosen. The blood dripped onto the white blanket of snow on the ground as Madeline opened her clear eyes, looking right at the red stamp on the paper, ‘Confirmation of relation”.

Her heart felt like it was pierced by a sharp blade, and after it shattered, the cold wind covered it up, causing it to go numb.

“Confirmation of relation…”

Madeline was fixated on those words as she let out a cold laugh, not able to stop the pain in her heart.

As she laughed, tears obscured her vision, flowing freely from her eyes.

She did have parents.

Her parents were actually right by her side.

However, her parents hate her to the bone.