Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1168

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1168 – She opened her eyes slowly, and when she woke up, she only saw darkness with the only light around being from the car’s lights.

The passenger door then opened. Ryan was standing outside the door, and his voice sounded out lightly. “We’re here. Get out of the car.”

Madeline looked around vigilantly before getting out of the car.

Ryan led the way as Madeline followed behind him.

She looked around. Apart from the darkness, there was more darkness. It was as if she was surrounded by a huge black cloth.

Apart from their overlapping footsteps, there was no other noise.

After walking for about tens of yards, there was gradually light ahead.

Ryan stopped his footsteps in front of a door. He unlocked the door by scanning his eyes and then looked at Madeline meaningfully with a smile.

“First, I’ll bring you to meet an old friend.”

As Ryan’s voice fell, a figure appeared in Madeline’s periphery.

She followed the figure who was captured by her sight and saw the man who she once regarded as a lifesaver.


Madeline was surprised, but she was convinced that this was Adam!

She quickly walked over, and just as she was about to walk to the front of Adam, she realized that there was a transparent wall between them!

Madeline raised her fist and knocked on the wall hard. “Adam!”

Adam, who was conducting his research experiments, heard the sound and looked back.

Seeing that it was Madeline, Adam was not particularly surprised. He adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and gave a light smile. “Eveline, long time no see.”

Madeline slammed a fist against the transparent wall, her eyes revealing a sharp light.

“Adam, do you know what you’re doing?! You’re a doctor! A doctor’s mission is to save people, not harm them!”

Madeline’s emotions were highly agitated as she was thinking of Jeremy who was suffering greatly.

Adam, however, said nonchalantly, “You’re wrong, I’m not a doctor.”


“I was not saving you back then. I just used your body to run the experiment I wanted to conduct.” Adam took a step toward Madeline. “Do you remember what I said when you were released from p****n and Daniel brought you to see me?”

Madeline clenched her fists, recalling the situation from that time.

Back then, Daniel had brought her to Adam. When Adam saw her, he was very surprised. Thinking about it now, it was not a look of surprise. Instead, he was excited—excited that his experiment had succeeded!


It turned out she was just his experiment!

“You don’t need to be angry. If it weren’t for my success with the experiment, you wouldn’t have lived till now, so you should be thanking me.” Adam looked proud and was confident at the success of his experiment.

“But what if your experiment had failed?! Have you ever thought that two lives would be lost?!”

“So what? You already had a troublesome disease. D***h was inevitable. Your survival is a miracle brought upon by me.”

“Adam!” Adam’s remarks were shameless beyond comparison. She was trembling with anger, but she could not do anything to Adam.

“Adam, you really are terrible. You lied to everyone, including Daniel who has always regarded you as a good friend.”

Adam chuckled dismissively. “There’s no longer any meaning for you to say this, Eveline, but since you’re here, let me give you a gift for our meeting this time.”

He turned around and picked up two test tubes that were the thickness of his fingers from the laboratory table.

Madeline guessed that this might be the anti-toxoid reagent that could treat Jeremy.

In the next second, the transparent wall in front of her turned into a door that opened from both sides with the operation of Adam’s remote control.

Madeline quickly walked over to Adam, but just as she was about to grab the reagent, Ryan appeared behind her and took the reagent away.

Madeline’s sharp eyes revealed a strong aura. “Ryan, give me the anti-toxoid reagent!”

Ryan smiled deeply. “I can give it to you, but you have to pay a small price.”