Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1165

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1165 – The same time his voice sounded, Jeremy swiftly struck at the man like an unsheathed sword blade.

The man was burly, and he had strength. Seeing Jeremy rushing over, he threw away the bag in his hand and turned to run. At the same time, he made a call. “I’ve been found! Take that little thing away quickly! If it doesn’t work, k**l the hostage!”

‘K**l the hostage!’

These three words fell into Jeremy’s ears. How could he bear it?

He jumped up and kicked the back of the man hard.

The man screamed and fell heavily to the ground.

However, he quickly got up again and wanted to keep running when a person suddenly appeared right in front of him. At that moment when he did not have time to dodge, he was kicked in his chest by the person in front of him. He then fell backward to Jeremy clumsily.

He wanted to get up again, but it seemed that the ribs on his chest had been broken. His face was pale with pain. He could not straighten himself up.

Jeremy looked at Fabian who had suddenly appeared in front of him with surprise.

Fabian seemed to be more violent than he himself who was the father as he rushed forward, pulling up the sweating man who was in pain.

“Say it! Where did you take that little girl?! Where is that girl now?!”

“You’ve beaten him till he can’t speak anymore.” Jeremy strode over, furrowing his sword-like eyebrows. “His accomplice should still be nearby. He just called his accomplice to take Lillian away.”

Just as he was saying this, a violent rubbing sound of tires suddenly came from the side.

Jeremy and Fabian looked over at the same time to see a black car quickly reversing before the steering wheel was turned. It headed straight toward the road.

This hasty move made Jeremy and Fabian aware that something was wrong at the same time.

The moment the car drove past their eyes, they also saw Lillian pushing her innocent and cute face against the window of the backseat. The little girl could not speak, only tapping continuously on the car window with her bound hands.

This scene fell into Jeremy and Fabian’s eyes, and the two called out in the same way with their voices filled with anxiety and distress, “Lillian!”

The car passed them in a flash and they could not forget the helpless and expectant look on Lillian the second before.

Jeremy immediately returned to the car and drove the car in front of Fabian. “Hurry up!”

Fabian got in the car without hesitation and stared at the car in front of them.

He could not lose them again this time!

Absolutely not!

The car was being driven madly, but Jeremy’s driving skills were not bad.

Although the car in front had tried to get rid of Jeremy many times, it was to no avail.

It was likely that the driver had gotten irritated as the car suddenly turned into a small alley. Jeremy’s car obviously could not pass through the narrow alley.

He could only predict the path of the car, so he made a circle and continued to chase forward.

“Sh*t! They’re really cunning!” Fabian said angrily.

Jeremy was calmer. He glanced at Fabian and warned with a domineering tone, “Why do you always go looking for my daughter? Fabian, don’t get any ideas and try to hit on my daughter.”

Fabian could hear the deeper meaning in Jeremy’s words. He lowered his eyes and gave a sad smile.

“I’ve not had a friend who treated me sincerely ever since I was young. Apart from my brother, Paul, I’ve never felt anything in this world that could warm me up.

“That is, until I met Lillian. Her innocent smile made me feel a special warmth.”

“So, what are you saying?” Jeremy asked, dissatisfied. “Don’t tell me you like my daughter? Fabian, my daughter is only five years old!”

Fabian’s dim eyes suddenly lit up when he heard the words. “I’m not that perverted. I just think it’d be great to have a sister like Lillian.”

Of course, if Lillian did not mind him being 14 years older than her, he would be happy to wait for her to grow up.

However, Fabian certainly did not dare to say this in front of Jeremy.

If he did, he could almost predict that Jeremy would just kick him out of the car.