Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1160

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1160 – Jackson hurried in, saw the torn paper in Lillian’s hand, and gradually understood something.

However, the kindergarten teacher was still criticizing Lillian. “Lillian, they just wanted to play with you. They didn’t mean to ruin your painting. How can you bully your classmates?”

The boy cried harder. “Teacher, Lillian is so fierce! I just wanted to be friends with her.”

“Do you hear them? Lillian, they didn’t have bad intentions.” The kindergarten teacher continued to comfort the little boy.

When Jackson saw Lillian staring at the aggrieved boy, he felt that things were definitely not that simple.

“Teacher, my sister wouldn’t casually bully others. Have you checked the surveillance to see what happened?”

The kindergarten teacher knew that Jackson and Lillian were brother and sister, but she did not expect Jackson, a child, to say such things.

She froze for a moment before saying solemnly, “Lillian’s brother, I’m a teacher. I will judge who is right and who is wrong. Regardless, your sister was not in the right. How can a girl be so rude?”

“So girls can only be bullied? Even if others say bad things, girls still have to smile and say, ‘You curse well and fight well’?”

The moment the teacher was done speaking, a cold, rhetorical question sounded from the door.

As soon as the kindergarten teacher looked up, she saw a tall figure coming in through the door.

With a sullen expression, Fabian walked to Lillian and crouched down. Looking at the tears the little girl was trying to hold back in her eyes, he got up quickly and looked at the kindergarten teacher with dissatisfaction. “Take out the surveillance footage immediately! If it turns out to be this brat who was picking a fight, I won’t just let this matter go.”

“…” The kindergarten teacher’s expression changed. “Who are you?”

“I’m Lillian’s family.” Fabian gave such an answer without hesitation, then said sharply, “Get the surveillance footage immediately!”

“…” The kindergarten teacher was shocked by Fabian’s aura and immediately got out to get the footage.

When they started watching the surveillance video, the boy who had been sobbing no longer dared to speak.

Once they were done watching the video, Fabian turned angrily and picked up the two boys who had been stirring trouble.

The two boys were so scared that they immediately started crying. One of them was even so scared, he wet his pants.

“If you dare bully Lillian again, I’ll tear you all into two pieces, just like this painting!”

After Fabian warned them, he threw the two bad boys at the teacher without mercy.

The teacher hurried to catch them, but all three of them fell to the ground.

Fabian picked up Lillian, took her small school bag, and turned to look at Jackson.

“Hey, you’re also leaving with us.”

Jackson nodded. He quickly returned to his class and told the head teacher that someone from his family had come to pick him up.

Fabian walked out of the kindergarten with Lillian in his arms. The little girl was still unhappy.

Accompanied with a gentle smile on his face, Fabian started to coax the little girl. “Lillian, how about I buy you some cotton candy?”

Lillian shook her head.

“What about toys?” Fabian walked to the window of a toy store.

Lily still shook her head.

“What does Lillian want then? I will give you a gift.” Fabian looked patient.

Lily raised her hand, put the two pieces of torn paper together, and showed it to Fabian.

Fabian looked at the picture and gradually understood. “It turns out that Lillian wants Daddy. Then, I’ll take you home to see Daddy.”

Lillian nodded, and there was a smile on her fair and clear doll-like face.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and Lillian’s drawing was blown away by the wind. The little girl shook her body and wanted to get out of Fabian’s grasp.

Fabian understood this. Lily ran over to pick it up with her short legs, but as soon as she crouched down, a car stopped beside Lillian suddenly.

Two men got out of the car and said, “Yes, this is the kid!”

As he said this, one of the men quickly grabbed Lily who was crouched on the ground to pick up her drawing.

Lillian struggled desperately, but her small body could not resist him.

When Fabian saw this, he became very anxious and chased after them. “Lillian!”