Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1159

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1159 – This was a small heart folded from red paper.

It seemed to be nothing special.

However, for this little girl to want to give this little red heart to him, she probably had her own thoughts about it.

Jeremy thought silently, but when he raised his eyes, he saw the little girl standing by the door frame with only her small head revealed. Her lively eyes blinked, looking as if she was waiting for Jeremy to discover something.

When Jeremy turned over the little heart, he saw a few words that had been not so neatly written on the paper.

[Daddy, Lillian will be good.]

Seeing this sentence, Jeremy felt that he really deserved to d*e.

His little princess thought that her father ignored her because she was not being good, so she said she would be good and hoped that Jeremy could accept her.

A feeling of pain silently engulfed Jeremy’s heart. He looked at the red heart in his palm, then at the child who was smiling innocently. He then gently put the heart on the coffee table.

After he put it down, the smile on Lillian’s face disappeared.

The little girl pursed her small mouth. Unable to speak, she could only leave quietly.

“I’m sorry, Lillian.”

Jeremy looked in the direction the little girl had left in and apologized softly.

‘Lillian, you’re a good baby, but Daddy doesn’t want you to lose this parental love just after having it for a short while.

‘When you grow up, you’ll completely forget this ruthless and cold-blooded father. You’ll have Felipe as the best father in your mind.’

He picked up the little heart that Lillian had folded herself and cherished it in his palm.

Likely due to having been given the cold shoulder, Lillian was unable to make her mind stable and forget what had happened. As such, she also became depressed in these few days.

When she was in kindergarten, she became a little more absent-minded.

During a class activity, two nasty little boys laughed at Lillian in front of her face and pushed her around. “We don’t wanna play with a little mute.”

“Mute people don’t know how to laugh. We’ll be unhappy if we play with her!”

Lillian knew that the mute they were speaking of was herself and she frowned. Her big eyes held the same unbending stubbornness as Madeline.

These children pushed her around, but she did not bother with them. She just sat in her seat alone and painted quietly.

Lily’s indifference had likely caused dissatisfaction in the two nasty little boys, so they walked over and snatched the paintbrush as well as drawing paper from Lillian’s hands.

“Look at what the mute girl drew.”

“Hey, it’s ugly.”

“The little mute can’t speak and can’t even write words. We don’t want to be friends with such people!”

Lillian ignored the humiliation of these people and got up to get her painting back, but the two boys did not return it to Lillian. Instead, they went around her in circles.

“Does the little mute want to take the painting back? Then call us ‘brother’!”

One of the two boys put his hands on his hips arrogantly and with great panache.

Lillian pursed her small cherry blossom pink mouth and walked straight to the boy. She reached for the drawing paper, but the boy pulled hard and the drawing paper immediately tore into two pieces.

Lillian watched her ‘My Daddy’ that she had just drawn getting torn into two pieces and suddenly clenched her small fists.

With a power that she did not know where it came from from, she grabbed the collar of the little boy who had taken the lead in bullying her and pointed at the torn painting as if she was saying ‘Return the picture to me!’.

The little boy did not expect Lillian to have such a reaction and was also stunned.

In fact, he liked Lillian very much and wanted to be friends with her, but Lillian was always quiet like an exquisite doll. She rarely played with her classmates, so he thought of using this method to interact with Lillian.

Jackson was also in the activity class right now. When he went out to go to the bathroom, he had deliberately passed by Lillian’s class to take a peek when he saw such a scene.

A boy with a flat head was crying and wiping his tears while the teacher comforted him. At the same time, she was criticizing Lillian that she should not have done what she did.