Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1156

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1156 – She made an excuse to go to the toilet when in truth, she was hiding in a secluded corner where she tapped open the email.

The first half of the report was filled with numbers that Madeline did not understand, so she scrolled all the way down where the chemist’s conclusion was.

It said that the person the blood sample belonged to had been infected with several unknown diseases. It was an accumulation of these diseases that resulted in a change of hair color, the color of their irises, and the sound of their voice.

Hemodialysis showed that the patient was not in any life-threatening danger.

However, there was always the possibility of the disease mutating which would result in the patient’s life being slowly consumed to the point where they would d*e from a lack of treatment.

Madeline’s temples began to throb as she read.

‘So you haven’t fully recovered, after all, Jeremy.’

Her heart was aching, and she forced her tears back.

Thinking about the poison in Jeremy’s body and the potential result if the poison began to mutate, Madeline felt her world go dark again.

‘It looks like there’s no hope of spending the rest of our lives together, simple and in love, Jeremy.

‘If that’s our only future, then I will never let you go again’.

Ava read the official statement online, and her eyes quickly fell on the harsh anti-fans who had jumped on the bandwagon.

As she was in a great mood, she immediately called Madeline. “Your marriage with Ryan is in name only, Maddie? Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place, then? I wouldn’t have worried so much if I knew.”

Madeline sighed. “It wasn’t supposed to be so complicated. It only got so out of hand because Ryan suddenly went back on his word.”

“Went back on his word? What the h**l?” Ava was shocked. “Isn’t this supposed to be a mission all along? Why did he suddenly go back on his word?”

Madeline did not know how to explain it either, but she had already thought of what she was going to do. “I don’t care if Ryan agrees to the divorce or not, but I’m definitely not separating with Jeremy again.”

Madeline had decided, and she would find this to be the best decision she ever made.

She did not care about anything else. She would appear in public with Jeremy every day from now on, and no one would dare to point their fingers.

Madeline began blending fragrances for her new perfume. She wanted to summarize the feelings she and Jeremy had over the past few years with it.

It started with a slightly bitter and herbal scent, which would lead to subtle sweetness and end with something else. Madeline still had no idea how she wanted to end it.

It was unknown whether they would end bitterly or in sweetness.

Jeremy was supposed to pick her up from work, so Madeline continued to busy herself in the perfume room.

She received a call from the man mid-work saying that he would be late because he had things to deal with. Madeline was in no rush, so she continued to work quietly in the room.

The sky began to darken before she knew it and the workers began to clock out of work as well.

Madeline placed her work down and waited at the pantry for Jeremy.

She had just walked out of the perfume room when she saw Ryan approaching her.

Madeline’s footsteps slowed down. Seeing Ryan now, her understanding of the man had taken a full 180.

He may look like an elegant gentleman, but Madeline would no longer take him for one after the things he had done.

“Why are you here?” Madeline asked coldly.

Ryan smiled and walked toward her. “What do you think?”