Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1154

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1154 – Madeline watched Jeremy pick up a call, and it was followed by the sound of phone notifications going off all around them.

Madeline’s phone also received a push notification.

Jeremy’s voice sounded unrushed as he spoke, “The latest trending story is out. If you’re not completely blind, then read it.”

He glared sharply at the reporter on the ground.

“Read it, then get up and apologize to my wife.”


He so boldly referred to Madeline as his wife in front of everyone.

Everyone there clicked into the trending story to read the newest push notification.

It was an official statement from the international criminal investigation organization, IBCI.

With a few curt sentences, the statement clarified that both Ryan and Jeremy were members of the IBCI. It also stressed that Ryan had merely gotten married to Madeline because it was part of his mission from his superior.

Ryan was merely carrying out his mission. He was not Madeline’s husband, and the relationship between them was no further than that of the protector and the protectee.

Madeline was shocked to see such a statement as well.

Comments online started to side with Madeline and Jeremy now. The netizens who had left the harshest comments from before suddenly seemed to have disappeared.

“What? IBCI? Isn’t that the international criminal investigation organization with the highest authority?”

“Yeah! I saw them in movies before. The IBCI is very cool!”

“So Mr. Whitman and Ryan are both IBCI members, huh…” Many of their tones and attitudes had changed after they read the grand official statement.

They now knew that Madeline and Ryan were only married for image’s sake and that Madeline and Jeremy were not having an affair in secret.

That was why they could be out in the open without fear.

Many of them felt regretful but were also relieved that they had only uttered a few sentences here and there. Everyone then turned to the reporter who had basically thrown himself at Jeremy’s wrath.

The man had now shrunk.

Jeremy walked up to him and asked coldly, “Are your eyes blind? Did you read the statement?”

The man’s complexion paled as he shook his head frightfully. “Not, not blind… I read it, I read it…”

“Then roll over and apologize to my wife now.” Jeremy’s aura was overpowering.

The man crawled over to Madeline’s feet. “I’m sorry, Miss Montgomery, no, Mrs. Whitman. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking when I spoke, so don’t think much about what I say.”

“You weren’t thinking?” Madeline found the atrocity hilarious. “You don’t have to apologize, but be rest assured that I’ll follow up with you regarding the defamation of my husband’s and my reputation. We don’t need unethical reporters like you.”

“…” The person never expected to lose his career because of this and fell back on the floor with his face ashen.

The crowd apologized as well, but Jeremy paid them no heed.

Holding Madeline’s hand, he walked into Whitman Corporation with his head held high.

Madeline looked up to stare at the unfazed man as admiration swirled in her eyes.

She followed him into the elevator and was about to ask him about the official statement when she received a document from the lab on her phone.