Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 115

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 115 – The pendant fell on the back of Madeline’s foot and bounced off before landing next to Eloise’s wheelchair.

Madeline coughed as her face turned red, her throat was extremely sore. She did not notice the sudden change in Meredith and Rose’s expressions, but she did hear Eloise’s surprised shout.

“This! This gold pendant!”

Eloise’s voice was shaking, and she was even stuttering.

Madeline looked over with suspicion and saw Eloise pressing onto where she had her surgery before standing up from the wheelchair to pick up the pendant.

“Sean! Sean!” Eloise cried out for Sean. When Sean heard Eloise’s cries, he ran over. The moment he saw the pendant in Eloise’s hand, he looked extremely shocked, it was as if he had recovered something that was long lost.

“This! This is the pendant we had custom made for our precious Linnie all those years ago! Did you finally find it?”


Madeline did not even have time to catch her breath when she heard Sean say that. Her mind suddenly went blank as her heartbeat sped up.

“It’s definitely this pendant, but why was it with you?!” Eloise looked at the flabbergasted Madeline with a look of astonishment and confusion.

Sean turned around after hearing it as well. He saw Madeline leaning against the wall, her mask having been torn off. Her reddening face was half-covered with gauze, except for those eyes. Even though her eyes were bewildered, her pupils were still exceptionally clear and vibrant.

Madeline looked at the couple’s curious gazes, and a thought floated through her mind, but she did not dare voice it out.

“This pendant was with you?” Sean asked Madeline, “Where did you find it?”

Madeline locked eyes with Sean with a lost look on her face. “My grandfather ga…”

“No wonder Mer’s pendant went missing, you were the one who stole it!”

Madeline’s explanation was interrupted by Rose. She pinned the crime on Madeline, with a furious expression on her face.

“Madeline, our family took you in because we pitied you. We clothed you and fed you, and even allowed you to be educated alongside Meredith. Sometimes, we even gave you things that Meredith did not have, but how could you do such a despicable thing!”

“Madeline, you have really disappointed me. Do you really like stealing things so much? You stole away my fiancé, and now you even stole such an important pendant away from me. Do you know how important that was to me?!” Meredith’s eyes were red as she uttered those words in sorrow.

Madeline did not even have the chance to explain herself, but the crime had been pinned onto her.

Eloise and Sean’s surprised and bewildered gazes, and even had a hint of anticipation completely evaporated. All that was left on their faces were disdain and contempt.

“Madeline, how could an evil person like you exist in this world!” Eloise shouted at Madeline.

Sean was filled with rage as well. “Get out of my sight! You are never to appear before our family ever again!”

As he said that, he tenderly held Meredith’s hand. “Mer, this is the gold pendant mom and dad had made for you before you were even born, now I’ll put it on you myself.”