Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1149

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1149 – ‘Daddy’.

The word swayed in Jeremy’s tear-clouded vision, reflecting in his dark eyes and shooting right through his heart.

Lillian was giving him a genuine smile as she stared at him, her arms raised high up in the air.

She was waiting, waiting for Jeremy to accept the picture she had drawn. She was waiting for Jeremy to see the word ‘Daddy’ that she had written herself.

On the paper, there were the figures of all five of them that made up her family.

The only daughter of the family was holding a distinguished man’s hand, looking at him as she called him ‘Daddy’.

She finally called him her dad.

She finally understood that he was her biological father.

She could not speak, yet the drawing was a clear testament to her desire to call him her father.

Jeremy’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he harshly forced down the desire to cry.

Under Lillian’s expectant gaze, Jeremy turned and left.

His escape wiped off the smile on Lillian’s little face as despair began to replace the hope in her large eyes.

Madeline did not understand Jeremy’s actions. She only bent down to hug the disappointed princess.

“Lillian, Mommy’s perfect princess, it’s okay.” Madeline comforted despite the stabbing pain in her heart.

Staring at the child’s diligent drawing, Madeline knew that the child understood.

She knew that Jeremy was her actual father.

Yet until she could break through the psychological fear, she would not be able to call him her father herself and drawings were all she could give.

Even so, Jeremy continued to ignore her.

“What’s wrong with Daddy, Mommy? Lily drew so well, but why didn’t Daddy even take a look?” Jackson walked over and asked.

Madeline quickly explained, “Daddy is just too happy that he’s feeling embarrassed.”

She made an excuse for Jeremy as she took the drawing from Lillian’s hands.

“How about I help you pass this to Daddy, Lillian?”

Lillian’s dark eyes brightened as she nodded at Madeline.

Madeline’s chest tightened. “Trust me, Lily. You’re irreplaceable in Mommy, Daddy, and your brother’s hearts. Don’t think otherwise, okay?”

Lily’s marble-like eyes blinked as she nodded.

“That’s my good girl.” Madeline placed a peck on the child’s cheek.

Seeing this, Jackson came over to ask for affection as well. “Me too, Mommy.” He pushed his handsome little cheek toward her.

Madeline placed a peck on his cheek as well and stood with the drawing in her hands. “Help your sister with her homework, okay, Jack?”

“Okay!” Jackson replied obediently and took his sister’s hand.

Staring at the two small figures, Madeline’s heart warmed. However, it was clenching in relief and regret at the same time.

These two kids had never gotten the chance to have the kind of carefree childhood other children got to experience. They did not get to bask in both their parents’ love at the same time.

Madeline’s heart soured. ‘Must my children experience the same horrible childhood I had?’ she asked herself. Looking closer at the drawing in her hands, Madeline’s heart ached.

She took the drawing and made her way to the courtyard.

She searched around and found Jeremy standing by the flower beds. With his back against her, the man seemed to be wiping the corner of his eyes.

Finding it weird, Madeline quickened her pace as she walked toward the man.

Hearing her footsteps, Jeremy turned around.

Under the cold silver moonlight, the man’s attractive features were calm as if everything that happened a moment ago had nothing to do with him at all.

Madeline was not angry at all when she was met with the indifferent expression the man wore. She spoke in a calm tone, “If I were to still question and doubt you at this stage, Jeremy, then I don’t think I deserve you at all.”