Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1147

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1147 – Madeline began to struggle when she was forcibly pulled into Ryan’s arms. Seeing him lean down to k**s her, she quickly tilted her head to evade it.

“What are you doing, Ryan?! Let go of me!”

Madeline struggled harder against his hold only to have Ryan suddenly reach out and grab the back of Madeline’s head, forcing her to look at him.

His eyes were cold, a radical contrast to the gentle one he displayed before.

“Ryan?” Madeline found herself no longer familiar with the man in front of her.

Ryan merely smiled. “Do you know, Eveline? You’re the best birthday present I could ever have.”


Madeline heard the deeper meaning behind those words, and a sharp glint flared in her eyes. There was no way she would let him do as he wished.

She was just about to fight back with every ounce of strength within her when a familiar palm grabbed onto her shoulder tightly, pulling her out from Ryan’s hold.

Just as she was pulled into Jeremy’s arms, Madeline caught sight of the man’s icy features. He grabbed Ryan’s collar roughly and sent a heavy punch to the side of his face without a second thought. The man seemed to have been possessed by Satan himself.

“Ryan Jones! I don’t care who you touch, but she’s off-limits!” Jeremy’s tone was bone-chilling and his eyes honed sharply into Ryan like an eagle. It was a new-found b****l edge on Jeremy!

After taking the punch, Ryan looked to the side as he raised a finger to lightly wipe off the blood around the corner of his lips. A nonchalant smile graced his lips.

He stared at an enraged Jeremy. “Jeremy Whitman, that’s my wife.”

Ryan gave a light reply.

It was one that set off an explosion within Jeremy. He then reached out for Ryan’s collar again.

His bloodthirsty eyes glared harder into the man.

“She’s my wife!” Jeremy spat the words out as the frosty aura between his brows grew.

It was evident how displeased and in pain he was at the fact that Madeline was technically still Mrs. Jones.

“She used to be yours, but everyone in Glendale right now knows that Eveline Montgomery is my legal wife. Not to mention that Eveline and I have already copulated as well. Or did you forget that?” Ryan replied, unfazed. He was trying to trigger Jeremy again.

Veins appeared on the man’s fist as his dark eyes were tinted with the desire to k**l. He pushed Ryan back harshly.

Ryan fell back onto the bench, and by the time he looked up again, Jeremy already had a gun aimed at him.

Ryan showed no fear or worry at the sight. He merely smiled. It was evident from the man’s mentality that he was no ordinary person.

“Jeremy.” Madeline quickly ran to his side to hold his hand. “Don’t let your feelings cloud you, Jeremy.”

She coaxed as her heart began to race nervously.

Jeremy held the gun calmly and pressed its nuzzle against Ryan’s chest. The man’s differently colored irises shone with arrogance as he stared down at Ryan.

Perhaps he should have pulled the trigger long ago, but Madeline’s interference halted his twitching finger.

Under the influence of the poison, Jeremy’s memory was no longer whole. Some of his memories were lost and some were blurry. Yet the things Madeline had told him before still rang loud in his mind.

She did not want him to make another mistake.

Still, how was he supposed to hold back in the face of Ryan’s actions just now?

“Let’s go, Jeremy.” Madeline pulled his hand.

The man slowly lowered the gun, and just as Madeline pulled him around, the man turned to take the cake on the bench along with them as well.

“You don’t deserve this,” Jeremy said before pulling Madeline into his arms in tight protection as they left together.

Ryan was left alone to look up in front of him where a vague light flashed. The man curled his lips into a silent smile.

On the journey home, Madeline’s mood plummeted as she held the cake Jeremy took back.

She felt her frustration bubble when she was reminded of the words Ryan said and the fact that he suddenly decided not to go along with the divorce.

Jeremy stopped the car by a secluded street. Clutching the steering wheel, the man stayed silent for a moment before he finally turned to look at Madeline.