Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1142

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1142 – Naya slowly sat down and allowed the clerk to put her shoes on for her.

Not wanting to waste her time on Naya, Ava turned to leave only for Naya to taunt again.

“Are you leaving, Miss Long? Are the things here too expensive for you to buy? That’s fine. Daniel and I are great childhood friends. I can lend you money if you can’t afford them now. Don’t keep wearing fakes, alright? Just imagine how shameful it would be if someone found out.”

Naya’s expression was one of arrogant superiority as she showed off the bracelet on her wrist.

Watching Ava stare at her silently, Naya raised her wrist. “Isn’t this bracelet beautiful? I mean, of course, it is. It’s a six-figure bracelet, after all. This is a limited edition Miss L.ady bracelet from two years ago. Not even money can buy you one now.”

Ava smiled and praised as she watched Naya brag. “No wonder it’s so beautiful. It’s Miss L.ady’s limited edition.”

With her ego fed, Naya stood up and walked toward Ava with her shoes put on.

“You’re Ava Long, aren’t you?”

Ava nodded. “How can I help you, Miss Mendez?”

Glancing at the other customers and staff in the shop, Naya raised her voice. “I know that you’re only with Daniel because his family is rich, Ava. There are just too many gold-diggers like you in this world, but you have to take a look at yourself too.”

She raised her arrogant gaze and gave Ava a look-over. “Just look at yourself. You don’t even have a single branded item on you. How could you possibly be worthy of Daniel? It didn’t feel right to point out your lie when we were at Graham Manor, but don’t pretend you’re some big shot when you don’t even have the money to back you up. Don’t buy fakes to pretend you belong in this circle if you can’t buy the original brand.”

Naya then rolled her eyes arrogantly. “Don’t you know how embarrassing it would be if someone noticed the fakes you’re wearing?”

Madeline grew infuriated as she walked toward Naya and asked calmly, “What about you, Miss Mendez? You claim it to be embarrassing, so do you also know how it feels like to have someone realize you’re wearing fakes?”

Naya was still gloating when she suddenly heard Madeline speak.

Her smile froze as she turned to look at Madeline. Seeing that she was a beauty a few levels above her, Naya was even more displeased. “Who are you? I’m just talking to my friend, what’s it to you?”

“Stop being delusional, Miss Mendez. You’re not my friend.” Ava shot back and turned to link arms with Madeline. “My only best friend is here.”

At that, Naya’s expression soured as she scoffed. “So you two are a team.” She mocked, staring down at Madeline arrogantly as if trying to pick on her.

“What did you just say? You’d better clear things up. How dare you claim that I’m wearing fakes in front of so many people? I can sue you for defamation, you know!”

Madeline was unfazed as she replied with her eyes twinkling. “According to the 246th rule on the book of criminal law, public humiliation and false accusations with the intent of defamation can result in up to three years of j**l time.

“I’m sure everyone here heard what you said, Miss Mendez. My friend has every right to sue you for defamation.”

“What?” Naya scoffed disdainfully. “You’re suing me for defamation? Then what about you? Wasn’t what you said just now also defamation?”

“It’s not.” Madeline smiled faintly and pointed at Naya’s bracelet. “This bracelet you’re wearing is fake.”

Naya was stunned. Her eyes flared as she burst into laughter while pointing at Madeline arrogantly.

“You think it’s fake just because you said it is? Who do you think you are? Who are you to appraise it? Your attitude is clearly sour grapes! This is an exclusive Miss L.ady bracelet from two years ago. You probably haven’t even seen it before!”

“If she hasn’t seen it, then I don’t think there would be anyone else in this world who has.” Ava wrapped her arm around Madeline’s shoulder pridefully as she introduced Madeline.

“Since you don’t know, Naya Mendez, then let me tell you. This beautiful and kind woman over here is Vera Quinn, Miss L.ady’s top designer back then. You’ve got to at least heard of her name before, right?”