Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1134

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1134 – Jeremy’s footsteps halted at Madeline’s voice for a quick moment before he continued forward.

Watching him drive away, Madeline decided to drive and follow after him.

Jeremy finally stopped his car after arriving at the seaside where they first met years ago.

Bringing the car to a stop, Madeline stared from afar as Jeremy stood by the sea. She was surprised to find Jeremy smoking. She would never forget that cigarette!

Lana was the one who gave Jeremy those cigarettes in the first place, and it was the slow-acting poison that was in them that almost k****d Jeremy in the end. Why was he still smoking it?

Madeline felt her heart leap in fear as she rushed toward Jeremy to grab his hand. “What are you doing, Jeremy? Why are you still smoking this?”

Jeremy’s geep gaze locked onto Madeline’s worried-filled ones. He did not reply, only raising his hand to take another drag.

Madeline’s heart grew frantic at the action.

“Jeremy Whitman!”

She snatched the cigarette from his hand and crushed it in her palms, extinguishing its burning end.

Jeremy felt a dull pain in his heart as he reached out to grab Madeline’s hand. Unfurling her palm, he was met with a stark red b**n from the cigarette bud in the center of her fair palm.

He wanted to clean her hand, but Madeline withdrew.

Jeremy only reached out for it again, dusting the ashes from her palm. Leaning down, he traced the tip of his tongue on the b**n and lightly l****d the wound.

Madeline was taken aback by his actions.

His touch seemed to have sparked something in her heart as warmth flashed through her chest.

Jeremy caressed the wound seriously, in a way that spoke the genuineness of his sentiments. Then, he placed a soft peck on the reddened skin as his heart hurt at the thought of her in pain.

A bitter feeling sparked in Madeline’s chest. “I thought you didn’t want to touch me anymore. Why are you doing this?”

She watched Jeremy’s actions pause at the question.

Staring at the silent man, she continued to speak, “You already saw the pictures when you were in your office this morning, huh? That’s why you moved away when I just wanted to help you fix your button. You think I’m d***y now, don’t you?” Madeline asked calmly, then it struck her.

“I get it now. I finally get it now.”

She smiled with a sigh as the corners of her eyes grew wet against her wishes.

“It’s because I’ve spent the past year as Ryan’s wife, isn’t it? That’s why you’ve started to avoid me when you came back and found out that I’ve been with Ryan. You think I’m d***y now.”

Madeline felt her heart b**n with indescribable pain as she came to such a conclusion.

Jeremy did not reply as if he was silently agreeing.

Madeline’s heart chilled as if it was being blown cold by the sea breeze. The chill extinguished the glee and hope that had ignited within her with his return.

She scoffed self-deprecatingly while her gaze remained caring and nostalgic as she stared at him.

“Stop smoking, Jeremy. They might not be the cigarettes Lana gave you, but smoking itself is bad for the body. I don’t want anything to happen to you anymore. I just want you to be safe and happy.”

She persuaded, her eyes still fixed on the silent man.

“I don’t blame you, I get it. Perhaps we were never meant to be lovers, to be husband and wife.” She smiled and sighed in regret. “If you can’t bring yourself to accept me, then let’s end it here. For good.”