Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1112

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1112 – “Lana!” Fabian grabbed Lana’s collar. He was just an 18-year-old boy, but at this moment, his eyes were filled with sharpness. “You’re the one who should d*e! You’re k*****g Yorick and destroying the Stygian Johnsons.”

Lana pushed Fabian away and mocked him. “Fabian, do you know who’s the one k*****g Yorick and destroying the Stygian Johnsons? It’s Jeremy!”

“What does this have to do with Jeremy? You only provoked him because you’re into him! You k****d Eveline’s parents and broke off her marriage to Jeremy! Now, you even have the cheek to say he’s the one who ruined you?” Fabian berated angrily.

Lana turned her face guiltily and clenched her fists. “Yeah, so what if I’m the one who provoked him? If he and Ryan hadn’t framed me, how would things have ended up like this? Do you know that Jeremy and Ryan are part of the Interpol?”

Fabian’s expression changed slightly when he heard that. “Interpol?”

“Hmph!” Lana snorted. “Fabian, Jeremy and Ryan are our enemies, do you understand? Plus, you’re still so defensive over that mute, Lillian. Yorick is going to d*e, so shouldn’t you k**l that mute and make Eveline get a taste of losing her family?”

After she said that, Fabian lifted his hand and slapped Lana heavily across the cheek. “Shut up!”

“…” Lana was dumbfounded. Then, she saw Fabian’s malicious gaze.

“You’re the reason why she’s mute! I told you, as long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone bully Lillian. Lana, you’re the person who deserves to d*e the most!”


After Fabian said that, he left.

Lana sat there while feeling at a loss. She touched her swollen cheek and gritted her teeth.

Ryan went back to Glendale from F Country and told Madeline everything about the Stygian Johnson Gang.

Yorick was going to get the d***h penalty soon, but Lana would only need to serve three years.

Madeline could not accept this verdict.

This woman committed so many crimes but only needed to serve three years.

Madeline was agitated. As such, she locked herself in her lab every day to come up with new perfumes.

When she was tired, she picked up her pen and drew Jeremy’s face on an A4-sized paper.

His eyes, his nose, and every part of him looked exactly like him.

“Jeremy, I’m so tired. If only you were next to me right now so you can hold me and give me motivation.

“Pudding’s about a year old and already knows how to walk. Isn’t he amazing? Mom told me you also learned to walk when you weren’t even a year old. I guess our son is exactly the same as you.”

She murmured to the person in the drawing. However, after talking to it for a while, she placed her head on the paper and started crying.

“Jeremy, I miss you so much…”

Madeline broke down and cried. However, she could only keep this vulnerable side in a space where no one else could see.

Knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door of the lab. A second later, Coco’s voice sounded from outside the door. “Ms. Montgomery, the commercial party is half an hour away. Mr. Jones is here, so we should get ready to depart now.”

Madeline recomposed herself and replied, “I’ll change now.”

She almost forgot about the party today. She heard that it was being hosted for a young and promising elite in the business world. All of the upper-class and businesspeople in Glendale would be there, so naturally, Ryan and her got the invitations as well.

Madeline changed into a champagne-colored dress and attended the party as Ryan’s wife.

Madeline was not in the mood to entertain everyone because she still had Jeremy in her mind. When she wanted to go out for some air, someone mentioned to her that the mysterious man had arrived.

Madeline looked over to where everyone was looking. The man’s ashy short hair and amber eyes wandered into her vision.

However, what shocked Madeline was that aside from the special hair and eye color, this man’s features and figure were exactly the same as Jeremy’s!

When she looked at him, the man’s smiling eyes landed on her at the same time.


Madeline’s heart started racing. Ryan was standing beside her and was shocked as well.