Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1105

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1105 – The wind in the early winter was so bone-piercing. It felt as if it was laced with brambles as it wrapped around her wounded heart, intensifying her pain.

Madeline reached out a shaky hand to grab the card Ken was handing to her.

When she got it in her hand, she felt as if she had touched Jeremy’s cold fingertips.

“When did this happen?” she suppressed her sadness and asked calmly.

“Today is the 49th day,” Ken answered and looked at the grave in front of him before sighing.

“The reason Mr. Whitman chose this place and the reason why the tombstone is shorter is that he was sorry about what happened to your parents. So, upon his d***h, he’ll use such a petty manner to kneel to them in hopes he can repent his sins to your parents.”

Madeline could not hold in her tears anymore after she heard that. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and onto the card in her hand.

Lillian frowned when she noticed Madeline crying. She got closer to Madeline to hold Madeline’s hand as if she was trying to comfort her.

Madeline felt her daughter’s warmth, so she held her hand tightly before saying to Ken, “I want to stay here with Lily for a bit.”

Ken understood what Madeline meant. He nodded and did not say anything.

However, after he walked away, he could not stop himself from turning back and looking at the dispirited Madeline.

He pressed his lips into a thin line. Some words were stuck in his throat. He wanted to tell her, but he could not.

Madeline took Lillian to the grave. The tombstone was empty with no name on it. The only thing on the tombstone was a birth date.

It looked the same as when she glanced at it back then.

However, back then, she would have never imagined this to be the grave Jeremy prepared for himself beforehand.

She held the card tighter and pulled Lillian to the grave. Then, she squatted and caressed the little girl’s puzzled face.

“Lillian, pay your respects.”

Lillian blinked and was confused.

Madeline smiled gently with tears in her eyes. “Come, bow to him.”

Despite being puzzled, Lillian still stood in front of the grave obediently.

After that, the little girl started bowing.

The little girl’s bright eyes were filled with confusion, but when she moved her lips, no words came out.

“Such a good girl, Lily.” Madeline caressed Lillian’s head. Madeline’s heart was bleeding while her voice was shaking. Despite her smile, her tears were falling uncontrollably.

Lillian lifted her hand to try to wipe away Madeline’s tears. Her lips were moving as if she wanted to say ‘Don’t cry, Mommy’, but she could not make a sound no matter how hard she tried.

Madeline pulled Lillian into her arms and allowed her tears to fall freely.

The sky was so blue but inside, Madeline felt very gloomy.

She did not know how to describe what she was feeling right now. The only thing she knew was that the light of her world had been switched off.

Madeline stayed by Jeremy’s grave for a long time and did not leave.

Lillian was squatting at one side, silently pulling at the weeds.

Madeline opened the card Ken handed to her and saw a letter inside.

Jeremy’s neat and beautiful handwriting was reflected in her eyes.


He was still addressing her as such.

[I’m sorry for letting you find out that I’m not alive anymore. After reminiscing, I realized I’ve given you too little happiness and joy.

[What I couldn’t do in this life, I sincerely hope to make it up to you in the next life.

[I hope when that happens, we can be together forever.

[Linnie, your life is still long. Don’t lose spirit because of my passing. I will still be by your side protecting you and the children.]

Finally, Madeline saw what Jeremy wrote at the end. [Ryan is a good man and he’s reliable. I hope you can forget about me and fall in love with him so that he’ll become the irreplaceable person in your heart instead.]