Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1103

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1103 – Jeremy did not forget how Lana wanted to exchange this information with him as well, but he did not care.

Now, he only wanted the people who destroyed his relationship with Madeline to disappear from this world.

Looking at Naomi’s face that was getting purple, he suddenly recalled Madeline’s words she said in a distressed voice in his head, “Jeremy, stop making mistakes again.”

‘No, Linnie. I won’t make the same mistakes again.

‘If you don’t like me doing anything that goes over the limit, then I won’t.’

Naomi was about to stop breathing. At that moment, she thought she was on her way to see G*d when Jeremy let go of his hand.

Naomi lay on the ground and wheezed. She lifted her head, and when she saw the man who was towering over her like Satan, she curled herself up into a ball.

“I-I’ll stop causing trouble for Eveline. P-Please, let me go, Mr. Whitman…”

Jeremy looked at Naomi who was trembling violently with a malicious yet indifferent look. “What did Lana tell you?”

Naomi gulped. “She said you have a slow-acting poison in you and you’re going to d*e soon.”



Naomi shifted her eyes. She wanted to change the topic. However, Jeremy’s cold aura overpowered her, and she found herself subconsciously shrinking her neck before blurting out frantically, “She told me that she hired someone to light the fire last time. You… Cough, cough… You’re not the one who set the fire!”

When he heard that, Jeremy felt as if someone had turned him into a block of ice.

He stood in the rain as all of his senses shut down. At that moment, the only thing he could see was Montgomery Manor being engulfed in flames.

Naomi looked at Jeremy as he froze in place. Then, she quickly got up and ran away without even caring where she was going.

The rain became heavier, and Jeremy stood there for a very long time. Suddenly, he burst out laughing.

There was an indescribable bitter smile on his sickly face.

He was not the one who set the fire?

He was not the one who set the fire that destroyed Montgomery Manor?

He closed his eyes to think. However, whenever he thought about what happened that day, it was as if he had lost an important piece of memory.

He could not remember what he was doing before the fire.

He bought two bouquets. Then, he came to Eloise and Sean’s graves while dragging his exhausted body and holding a black umbrella.

Even though he was not the one who set the fire and was not as sinful as before, the destruction of Montgomery Manor was still related to him.

He was still responsible no matter what.

Jeremy looked apologetically at the words on the tombstone with his dull eyes. He said, “Mom, Dad, I’ve already handed Eveline to a reliable man. Don’t worry, I’ll go and atone for my crime with you soon.”

Madeline’s fever finally went away after she slept for 24 hours.

The first thing she did after she woke up was to call Jeremy. However, his phone was switched off.

She went to Ryan and wanted to use his phone to call Jeremy’s other number, but it was also switched off.

From this day on, Madeline completely lost all updates on Jeremy.

She went to the villa they bought after they got married every day, but Jeremy never showed up.

She even started wishing for rain. Whenever it rained, she would get the urge to go into the rain. She figured that if she was sick, Jeremy would appear. However, the man never appeared again even when winter came.

Madeline buried herself in work and tried to use this to shift her attention to something else.

She wanted to numb herself and told herself that it was good news that she did not have any updates about Jeremy.

She imagined that he was still alive and they were looking at the same sky together.

Then, Ryan told her that Lana and Yorick had been transferred to F Country for further interrogation. Finally, Madeline felt slightly relieved of her hatred.

She despised Lana. She wanted this woman to get the d***h penalty as soon as possible.

Especially when she saw her daughter who still could not talk, she wanted so badly to punish that devious woman herself.

Today, Madeline wanted to take Lillian for therapy, but the moment they got out of the door, they saw Fabian. He looked like he had been waiting for them.