Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1094

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1094 – Mrs. Graham did not even hold back as she berated Ava in front of everybody.

Ava did not want to argue with her. When she lifted her head, she caught a glimpse of Naya peering at her in contempt.

Daniel did not stay quiet as well. He defended Ava immediately, saying, “Mom, you’re too much. My girlfriend can wear anything and still be my girlfriend.”

“Dan, do you want to infuriate your grandpa today?” Mrs. Graham looked down on Ava. “The only woman in Glendale who’s worthy of being your girlfriend is Naya.”

Mrs. Graham looked at Ava arrogantly. “Miss Long, where did you graduate from? What do you work as? How much money do you make in a month? Do you have a house or a car?”

Ava looked into Mrs. Graham’s snobbish eyes and smiled. “I graduated from Glendale University and I’m an interior designer. As for my salary—”

“Alright, I’ve heard enough,” Mrs. Graham interrupted. “Interior designers won’t make over seven digits a year even if they work to d***h. However, do you know how much the Grahams make in a year? Miss Long, I won’t say anything more. I hope you can know your place.”

Ava understood what Mrs. Graham meant. She placed the gift down and looked at Daniel.

“Dan, I should go. Stay and celebrate your grandpa’s birthday with your family,” Ava said before turning around magnanimously.

“Ava!” Daniel wanted to chase after her, but his mother grabbed him. “Dan, that woman is not suitable for you.”

“Yeah, Dan. It’s obvious that she’s a vain woman who wears a fake branded dress and wants to go after you for your money.” Daniel’s relatives chimed in at one side. One of them even opened the gift. “Look at this tie she bought for your grandpa. It’s obviously a fake. The real one shouldn’t have such rough material.”

Daniel was always calm and refined. However, at this moment, he could not control himself.

“I bought this tie overseas a month ago for grandpa. You don’t have to put someone down like this.”

“…” His relatives’ faces turned bright red.

“Also, I don’t care if my wife is rich or not. I won’t give up on this woman.”

Daniel left to chase after Ava after he said this. However, Ava was nowhere to be seen and she did not pick up her phone either.

After Ava left Daniel’s house, she switched off her phone after receiving a call she did not want to receive.

However, the moment she got out of the car, the woman at the airport that day smiled and walked over to her.

“Ava, I know I’ve wronged you all these years. Why don’t you consider going back to Y Country with me?” The woman flattered.

Ava walked past her coldly and went upstairs to her unit.

“Ava, it’s fine if you don’t want to go, but don’t stay in a place like this.” The woman handed two keys to Ava. “I’ve bought two mansions for you. You should stay there for the time being.”

“When did I ask you to buy me houses?” Ava handed back the keys to her and went into her house.

The woman followed after her. “It’s fine if you don’t like them. I bought one of the apartments near your company as well. You can move in anytime.”


“Also, I don’t think your boss is capable. I think—”

“Stop thinking,” Ava interrupted as she felt her head starting to ache. She was so scared that the woman would buy her company as well.

When the woman saw that Ava was unhappy, she felt anxious. “Ava, I just want to make up for—”

“Do you think you can mend our relationship with money?” Ava asked. “Just ask yourself what you’ve done when I needed you the most?”