Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1081

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1081 – After Madeline asked that question, she felt her heart beating at an erratic pace.

‘That’s a human’s blood.’

‘But isn’t human blood supposed to be red? Why is it that color instead?’

While still deep in her thought, the analyst answered over the phone, “The thing is, according to our investigation, this blood sample seems to have undergone some mutation. We’ve also found some unknown samples that require further investigations to know what it is.

“But there’s no doubt it’s human blood,” the forensic physician repeated the last statement in a confident tone.

Madeline’s hand that was holding onto the phone stiffened. She then robotically blurted out two words, “Thank you.”

After hanging up the call, her mind kept rewinding the phrases spoken by the forensic physician.

‘That’s human blood.

‘And it’s mutated human blood.’

Madeline was very confident that the note had been with Jeremy earlier, but she could not be sure whether the blood belonged to Jeremy.

‘If it’s really Jeremy’s blood, then what does this even mean…’

Madeline was confused. She forced herself to stop thinking about it and jogged her way to the departure lounge.

Just when she entered the hall, Madeline saw Daniel’s anxious outline. She ran to him, “Dan, haven’t you found Ava yet?”

Daniel’s eyes were glittering with anxiousness. “Do you think she has already entered the plane after having her tickets checked?”

Madeline scanned through each departing lounge’s entrance and was unable to provide an appropriate answer.

She took out her phone. “I’m going to make a call.”

As soon as she made the call, Madeline heard a very familiar ringtone nearby. She raised her gaze and looked over Daniel’s shoulders. She noticed Ava who was clumsily searching for her phone.

“Ava!” Madeline called out, delighted.

Daniel and Ava both raised their eyes at the same time. Daniel quickly spun around and followed Madeline’s gaze to look behind him.

Ava was walking straight ahead and could not stop in time, so she ended up crashing hard into Daniel’s arms.

Daniel quickly grabbed hold of her. The feel of her physique falling into his arms felt as if something had filled up the emptiness within his heart.

Ava did not expect Daniel to appear at this moment and even hug her so suddenly, which made her heart skip a beat.

She could sniff out the faint scent of wild bluebell in his cologne.

Ava raised her head, revealing a panicked look in her eyes. She suddenly recalled spending the night with a stranger and that made her quickly escape from Daniel’s arms.

Her gesture made Daniel feel slightly heartbroken.

He lowered his gaze. “Do you really have to go?”

Ava pretended to pack her purse and let out a wide smile. “Dan, I didn’t expect you to show up as well.”

She spoke as she strolled to Madeline’s side. “Maddie, it’s enough for you to see me off. Dan is actually pretty busy. Why did you even get him here as well?”

Madeline noticed Ava’s fake smile on her face. Madeline then put on a troubled look while frowning. “Ava, I didn’t know you didn’t want to meet Dan? If that’s the case, I’ll have Dan immediately head home first.”

“…” Ava froze up after hearing her reply.

However, Dan did not catch Madeline’s implicit message. He did not budge an inch but went up to Ava with a serious face.

He stared at Ava, who seemed nervous, with a pair of eyes that were abnormally stern.

Daniel took out a folded hundred-dollar note from his pocket and gave it to Ava.

Ava looked at the folded note and suddenly thought of the day she got drunk.