Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1075

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1075 – Following Jeremy’s gaze, Lana turned to face the doorway as well.

The face that she saw made her recall the night when Jeremy halted her at the entrance of the pub.

That night itself, she was very afraid that Jeremy would once again attempt to k**l her. Anxious, she thought of leaving the scene but was stopped by Jeremy. He asked her for some cigarettes and even agreed to book a room with her together.

She had a joyful night because she gained her dream crush.

The next day when they had to leave the room, right when she opened the door, she saw a man behaving inappropriately while staring at her with a lewd look.

That moment, as she was on cloud nine, she ignored him.

However, at this moment, the man from that day reappeared before her!

“Lana, have you seen it clearly with your eyes? This is the man that got you pregnant.”


After hearing Jeremy’s explanation and looking at the hateful, disgusting man, Lana felt quite suffocated. “Impossible! How is it even possible that I’m pregnant with this man’s kid?!”

She roared while glancing at the man’s ugly face.

That man was a thug with no educational background. He did not know what was going on at that moment. However, he knew Lana was cursing him.

That man spat saliva at Lana scornfully. “You think I’m disgusting? I also feel the same way about you. If it’s not because of the money from this handsome guy, I wouldn’t even want to lay my hands on you. Your scrawny body is just like a washing board.”

“You… What did you just say?!” Lana was utterly infuriated as she raised her foot and kicked the man’s body.

After the man evaded the kick, he started counting the remaining amount of cash Jeremy had given him. Then, he fled the scene gladly.

Lana was apoplectic with rage. She wanted to chase after that man, but suddenly, she felt an intense pain in her abdomen. There were drops of blood dripping from her lower body.

Bearing the pain, she grabbed onto her stomach. Her face gradually turned pale, but she still fixed her eyes on Jeremy who did not even bother to sneak a peek at her. Her mouth was muttering, “I don’t believe it, I’ll never believe it… Jeremy, you love me…”

She kept hypnotizing herself and lying to herself until she passed out.

Jeremy stood looking at her with an icy gaze from a corner, witnessing Lana passing out cold. However, he still felt that the anger within him was not vented.

Thinking back of his little princess who was tossed into the swimming pool by Lana and how she ended up not speaking a word after being traumatized, it just made the fire of anger within him grow stronger.

The scene that was taking place in the restaurant puzzled the crowd who were shopping along the streets. All they could see was a group of gentlemen in formal attire, along with a few fully armed special forces entering and filing out of the restaurant. Then, they saw those on duty arresting a group of people.

Jeremy was still standing in the room. He took off his tie clip and handed it to the man who led the troop.

The man took over the tie clip and threw a respectful gaze toward Jeremy. “Mission accomplished. Jeremy, we’ll take over the rest from here. You should hurry and go to the professor to have your treatment. Get rid of all the poison from your body. With that, only you can lead a normal life.”

‘A normal life?’

Jeremy no longer held on to any hope.

“As for your family, I’ll personally go to them and explain every detail to your wife.”

Jeremy smiled disappointedly. “She’s no longer my wife.”

The man kept his mouth shut after hearing his reply. Then, he added, “Jeremy, actually, there’s still a chance between you and Ms. Eveline. There must be some misunderstanding, and there might be some things that you’re not aware of. Ryan—”

“Boss, Lana’s chauffeur has escaped. He might be heading to Yorick to report about this.” An investigator rushed to the scene to report.

“Stop him at all costs. Have another group of our colleagues to keep an eye on Yorick’s every movement.”


That investigator immediately carried out the task as told. The man who was conversing with Jeremy recomposed himself and got ready to lead the troop to arrest Yorick.

Before they left, he reminded Jeremy once more. “Hurry and go look for the professor. You must not delay your treatment any longer.”