Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1065

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1065 – When Lana heard what Jeremy said, her smile suddenly froze as a trace of confusion flowed through her eyes.


Jeremy saw the change in Lana’s flustered expression and his lips curled up with satisfaction.

He took his time and inserted the USB into the computer. He opened the files and copied everything inside.

Lana walked over uneasily. “Jeremy, what did you mean by that?”

Jeremy answered without looking at her, “I just wanted to see your reaction.”

“My reaction?”

Lana did not understand and continued listening to Jeremy’s explanation. “My life is in your hands, and you’ve given me the most important thing to handle. Now neither of us can survive without each other, right?”

When Lana heard his answer, her sadness instantly turned into joy. A shy smile appeared on her face. “Jeremy, I never thought that you’d make such a sweet joke. You almost scared me by saying that.”

“Is it?”

“Yeah.” Lana nodded and urged again, saying, “Jeremy, you must keep the accounts safe. This is very important for the Stygian Johnson Gang. If it gets leaked, Stygian Johnson Gang will face a lot of trouble.”

Jeremy raised a corner of his thin lips and grinned. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep it very safe.”

When Lana heard what he said, she felt relieved.

She was convinced that Jeremy would not betray her. After all, if he did, he would be d**d.

No one would risk their lives that way.

“Jeremy, the client will arrive in Glendale one day earlier than originally planned, so we’ll be meeting each other tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Is it confirmed?”

“Yeah, it’s confirmed. We’ll be meeting in the restaurant in Central Square.”

“Central Square?”

“If we meet in a crowded place, it’ll be less suspicious.” Lana leaned against the desk and lifted her eyes. “Aren’t I very smart?”

Jeremy glanced at Lana and smiled without saying a word.

Lana was addicted to Jeremy’s rare smile, and her heart beat with joy. “Jeremy, after tomorrow, I’ll be able to prove to Yorick and Fabian that I have my own personal strength. Even if I don’t rely on the Stygian Johnson Gang, I can make it on my own. I’ve waited a long time for this day.”

Jeremy listened calmly and had a thought-provoking smile on his face. “I’ve also waited a long time for this day.”

“Then, let’s celebrate in advance this evening. I want to celebrate it with you.”

“I have to look into something tonight to make sure that tomorrow’s transaction will go through smoothly.” Jeremy declined. “Let’s wait for the transaction to be completed tomorrow. We’ll have lots of time to enjoy and celebrate then.”

Lana thought that what he said made sense, so she did not pester him any longer.

After all, tomorrow’s event was very important. She needed to prepare as well.

She wanted to prove to Yorick that she was capable!

As soon as Lana left, Jeremy immediately sent a message to the person using Morse code.

When he saw that all the copied data was completely transmitted, the huge heavy weight in his heart was halved.

He took out the family portrait photo from the drawer and looked at his true love and their two innocent children in the photo. A gleam of light appeared in Jeremy’s tired and gloomy eyes.