Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1054

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1054 – He leaned back into the car seat tiredly, tears wetting the corner of his eyes.

‘Lillian, Daddy is sorry.

‘I hope that before I leave, I can still hear your sweet laughter and hear you happily call me ‘Daddy’.’

He touched the family portrait that he kept in secret and let the grief flow through his body. The clearer the pain, the deeper he could remember who the woman he loved was…

Madeline stood frozen in place for a long time, unable to understand Jeremy’s behavior.

She still hoped that he was having his own struggles, but his performance was extremely ruthless—so ruthless that she could not find any excuse for him.

In three days, she would be married to Ryan.

Karen was also counting down the days. Two days before the wedding, she went to look for Madeline while deliberately carrying Pudding in her arms. “Eveline, are you really going to marry Ryan? Is there no more chance for Jeremy?”

Madeline put the sorted clothes into the suitcase. She lifted the corner of her lips and smiled. “He and I have been going round and round for years but still can’t get together, which shows that he and I are destined for nothing.”

“How can you two be destined for nothing? If there’s no destiny between the two of you, you won’t have Pudding.” Karen still tried to persuade her.

Madeline was indifferent. “To be honest, I can’t completely let go of him now, but I also know very well that he and I will never be able to reunite with each other again.”

Madeline packed her clothes, pulled along her luggage, and took Pudding from Karen’s arms.

Pudding was almost three months old. He looked at her confusedly and laughed.

“Pudding, oh Pudding, what name should Mommy give you? Your brother is called Jackson, then what about you?”

She asked the little guy. In fact, she was asking herself, since such a small child could not speak yet.

At first, she wanted Jeremy to name the child, but now…

Madeline looked down at the naive baby, bowed her head, and kissed him.

“Mom, I want to make a bank account for Pudding early tomorrow morning. Can you please help me contact Jeremy? I need his ID card, but I don’t want to see him again.”

Karen nodded upon hearing this. “I’ll give Jeremy a call.”

She dialed Jeremy’s number and walked out. The call connected shortly after. Karen immediately asked before Jeremy spoke, “Jeremy, where are you now?”

“At the office. What’s the matter? Can Lillian speak already?” Jeremy sounded quite anxious.

“Lillian still can’t speak.” Karen lowered her voice and explained, “Eveline is going to register for a bank account for Pudding and needs your ID card. Jeremy, Eveline is going to marry Ryan the day after tomorrow. This is your last chance. Mom can only help you until here. Remember, don’t leave the office.”

Karen hung up the phone before Jeremy got the chance to speak. Then, she entered the room and told Madeline, “Eveline, Jeremy said he’s still busy at the office. Why don’t you go there while I look after Pudding?”

Madeline did not want to delay the child’s registration, so she handed Pudding to Karen and went out to Whitman Corporation to look for Jeremy.

When Karen saw that Madeline had left, she immediately called Jeremy. “Jeremy, Eveline is heading over now. You have to seize the opportunity!”

Jeremy received the call from Karen. After hanging up, he looked at the dim night outside the window and made a call.

Around ten minutes later, Madeline reached Whitman Corporation. She walked straight toward Jeremy’s office. At this time, the employees had already left work, so no one stopped her from looking for Jeremy.

However, when Madeline reached the door to his office and was about to knock on it, she suddenly heard a woman’s sweet laughter from the inside.

She was taken aback and looked through the transparent glass door. She had just glanced in out of curiosity, but after seeing the situation inside, her raised hand that was about to knock on the door stiffened instantly.