Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1050

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1050 – Lana fell into the swimming pool with a splash, stirring up layers of waves.

She knew how to swim, but because she had been shoved into the water for so long by Madeline just now, she accidentally swallowed a lot of water. She had also expended a lot of energy during her struggles. She did not have much energy left to swim.

While she was trying to get out of the pool, she was violently pulled by Madeline on her collar.

Before Lana could catch her breath, her breathing was restricted once more.

She opened her eyes that were blinded by the water and saw the cold light bursting out of Madeline’s eyes.

“Listen, Lana, if the law can’t punish you, I will do so myself! Do you really think that you have nothing to worry about just because you have the Stygian Johnson Gang supporting you? I’m telling you now. As long as I’m alive for even a day, I’ll definitely do everything possible to send you to j**l! Unless you k**l me first!”

After Madeline finished speaking her words, she threw Lana back into the swimming pool and turned away.

As soon as she turned around, however, she noticed Jeremy standing not far away—just looking at her.

Madeline ignored him. She took a big step and walked toward the gates with a stifling aura.

Jeremy saw the way Madeline had looked at him—it was filled with intense resentment and disappointment.

He pretended not to care and had a faint smile on his lips until Madeline passed by. Only then did he remove his disguise.

Seeing Lana who was swearing in the swimming pool, Jeremy’s eyes turned hostile.

‘Lana, for whatever you did to my wife and daughter, I’ll definitely return the same back to you.’

This day would arrive very soon.

Madeline walked straight to the door and met Yorick who had just returned.

Yorick’s expression was aloof, but he seemed to be surprised when he saw Madeline who had an imposing aura. It was immediately followed by a mild annoyance that appeared between his eyebrows. He strode directly into the villa without stopping Madeline.

Lana had just climbed out from the swimming pool, and before she could come back to her senses, she saw Yorick walking hurriedly toward her.

She quickly complained to her brother, “Brother, that Eveline—”


Before Lana could finish speaking, Yorick had landed a slap on her.

Lana staggered back and fell into the swimming pool once more. A strong taste of blood invaded her mouth.

She covered her face in disbelief as she panted hard, looking at Yorick who was standing above the pool. “Yorick! Have you gone crazy as well?!”

“How many times have I warned you to not provoke Eveline? Do you know what foolish thing you’ve done? I’ve spent more than a month negotiating two large orders with her that involve hundreds of millions of dollars in funds, all of which are now ruined by you! By your hands! Go back to F Country as soon as possible! Don’t let me see you here again.”

Fabian clapped his hands and applauded. “Did you hear that? He asked you to go back to F Country and stop causing trouble!”


Lana covered her swollen face. Gritting her teeth, she punched the water hard.

“Hmph!” She sneered, “Just this one Eveline has actually made both my elder and younger brothers switch to her side!”

She cursed in dissatisfaction but noticed Jeremy when she raised her eyes. Lana immediately showed an aggrieved expression and quickly climbed out of the pool.


Jeremy pretended to be concerned and handed Lana a bathrobe, saying, “I saw everything just now. Why did your brother beat you for Eveline?”

Lana’s expression turned dark. Thinking of the mysterious man she saw in the coffee shop when she tailed Yorick that time, she gritted her teeth and turned her head to show Jeremy a sad look. “Jeremy, it looks like no one really cares about me anymore other than you.”

“Don’t say that. They’re your biological brothers, after all.”

“So what if they’re my brothers? They’re concerned about Eveline more than me now.” Lana’s eyes were full of envy. Looking at Jeremy’s puzzled expression, she then said, “Jeremy, since we’re already in such a close relationship, there’s something I must tell you.”