Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1049

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1049 – Sh*t!

Lana immediately got angry out of embarrassment. She abruptly raised her head, but as soon as she did, Madeline slapped her face with a loud smack.


Lana cried out in pain again, then had the back of her neck clamped tightly once more by Madeline.

She could not move at all and was entirely unable to even stand up.

“What are all of you doing, being frozen there?! Drag this woman away from me!”

Lana instructed the bodyguards, but Fabian did not give her the chance to do so. “No one is allowed to touch her!”

The bodyguards who were just about to take action on Madeline quickly stopped and Lana became irritated. “Have you become stupid, Fabian?! I’m your biological sister. How could you help this woman instead?!”

“I’ve said it before, I don’t have a sister like you.”


“Moreover, this is a grudge between both of you women. How can us men interfere with this matter?” Fabian shrugged and walked toward Lana’s side nonchalantly.

“Miss Lana Johnson, haven’t you always thought of yourself so great and that no woman could be your opponent? Isn’t that why you’ve been so tyrannical all this while? But it seems that you can’t even deal with anyone successfully without your subordinates now.”

“Fabian, you…” Lana’s face was pale with fury. She made attempts to struggle out of Madeline’s hold, but Madeline’s hand that was pinching the back of her neck was so firm that she could not raise her head at all. She could only kneel by the poolside like this, allowing Fabian to ridicule and sneer at her.

On the other hand, Jeremy had followed Madeline and arrived in a hurry. He was worried that Madeline troubling Lana would cause him trouble as well, but when he saw this happening by the pool, he felt relieved. At the same time, he was feeling even more ashamed as well.

What kind of man was he? What kind of husband and father was he?

His wife and daughter were being bullied by this psychotic woman, yet all he could do was only stand idly by the side.

At this moment, Lana was so mad that she was about to explode. She turned her face to the side, her vicious eyes glaring at Madeline fiercely. “Eveline, I suggest you let go of me immediately. Otherwise—”


Madeline did not give Lana any opportunity to continue spitting nonsense. Her glare was prickly as she delivered the slap without even saying a single word. She then raised her foot and kicked Lana’s back.

Lana suddenly lost her center of balance and plunged into the swimming pool.

Madeline pressed down on Lana’s head mercilessly, burying her face in the water.

Splash, splash!

Lana took in a few gulps of water while she shook her head, desperately struggling.

Seeing this, the bodyguards at the side immediately prepared themselves to save Lana.

Jeremy quickly picked up a few small stones from the ground and threw them toward the legs of the bodyguards who were rushing toward Madeline. Those bodyguards who were attacked screamed in pain before falling into the swimming pool messily.

Fabian felt that something was off and looked back. He unexpectedly saw Jeremy standing not far away, calmly looking toward this side.

“Eveline! You…” Lana cursed as she kept struggling.

However, Madeline’s expression remained unchanged. Her eyes became colder as she scolded, “Lana, you heartless psycho! Is this how you had my Lillian struggle helplessly in the water?”

“Mmf… Cough… Eveli…”

“Come at me if you have the guts! What does it count for you to bully a five-year-old child?! Second lady of the Johnson family? Leaving out the Stygian Johnson Gang and without the protection of your subordinates, you, Lana, are nothing at all!

“You’re merely trash, and all you know is to fake your greatness.

“Lana, you’ll never be an opponent of mine! If you were really capable, the person in the water now would be me, not you!”

With these words, Madeline immediately threw Lana into the swimming pool.