Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1039

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1039 – Madeline had just walked to the door of the room when the lights inside suddenly went out.

For a moment, she felt a black shadow flashing past her eyes, but it was only for a moment.

Madeline reacted instantly and immediately turned on the lights, but after the lights were switched on, there was no one in the room—only an opened wedding photo album that was on the bed.

Madeline walked in, faintly smelling a cold light fragrance through her nose. She suddenly understood something.

Seeing herself smiling so sullenly in the wedding photo and the man’s cold and cheerless features, Madeline gently picked up the photo album before forcefully tearing the wedding photo in half.

Jeremy, who was standing behind the curtain of the balcony, saw this scene. It was as if his heart was being penetrated by a sharp blade.

He watched Madeline put down the jewelry box she was gently holding onto before she left without even turning her head.

After he saw her drive away, Jeremy returned to the room.

The torn wedding photos on the ground seemed to represent them—the couple who could never go back to the past.

Jeremy picked up the jewelry box Madeline left and saw the two wedding rings inside, as well as the colorful shell and bookmark. His whole body instantly went as cold as an ice sculpture, but the tears overflowing from the corner of his eyes b****d his heart.

“Linnie, you must be happy.”

He clenched the abandoned wedding rings and stood by the bed in despair.

The faded colorful shell and bookmark had all become the past at this moment.

‘Little Linnie, goodbye.

‘In the end, Jez still failed to fulfill the promise he made to you, to always stay with you and guard you.

‘Little Linnie, in your next life, Jez will make an appointment with you in advance.’

Madeline and Ryan were preparing for their wedding,

Although it had been decided that the wedding would be held in a low-key manner, Ryan still hoped that Madeline could put on a wedding dress.

Madeline was trying on her wedding dress in the bridal shop then. Ava had hurried over only to see Madeline come out of the fitting room wearing a wedding dress.

She walked over with stunned eyes. “Maddie, you’re still so tender like a little girl in her early 20s.”

Ava praised her sincerely, but it was also out of earnest concern. “Maddie, do you really want to marry Ryan?”

Madeline looked at herself in the mirror and nodded solemnly. “Rye is a good man worthy of me entrusting my life to.”

“Then, can you really let go of Jeremy?” Ava asked this, and there was silence.

Ava immediately slapped her mouth, feeling that she had said something wrong.

Madeline, however, smiled calmly. “Time can dilute everything. It can even dilute my feelings for him.

“Ava, I’ve been exhausted all this while. I feel very comfortable with Ryan this time. I’ll also remember that Ryan is the only lover for me for the rest of my life, not Jeremy.”

Madeline turned to Ava and said, “Ava, you’ll be my bridesmaid on the day of the wedding. I’ve invited Dan to be the best man. You two will make a nice pair.”

“Ah? You invited Dan to be your best man?” Ava was surprised, and there seemed to be a slight blush on her cheeks.

Madeline noticed the changes. “Ava, you actually like Dan, don’t you?”

“Huh?” Ava was even more shocked. Her alluring eyes shifted around indiscriminately, trying to avoid Madeline’s probing gaze.

“Dan is also a good man worth entrusting your life to. Ava, I will support you.”

Ava blushed. It was neither an admission but also not a denial.

Jeremy was fetching Lana to her business discussion. When he was waiting for the red light, he looked sideways and saw a familiar figure walking by in the bridal shop in front of him.

A smiling Madeline was reflected in his pupils. She was walking toward the man in a suit before finally taking his hand.


The pit of Jeremy’s stomach became exceptionally stuffy. He could not help but cough, then tasted something metallic in his mouth.