Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1038

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1038 – Madeline was seated in Ryan’s car. Looking at the empty ring finger on her left hand, she inevitably remembered her separation and reunion with Jeremy over the years.

She was suddenly confused. In these years, had Jeremy ever really loved her?

Surely he had.

That was why he was able to protect her at all costs back then.

That was why when he had hugged her to sleep previously, he would show a pure childlike smile.

‘But Jeremy, what wrong step did we take that things have turned out this way between us…’

Her heart ached silently. Ryan stretched out his hand suddenly and gently held hers. He did not say anything and just gave Madeline a warm look.

“I want to make the wedding matters a little simpler. What do you think?” Ryan asked for Madeline’s opinion gently.

The Joneses were a famous family in Glendale. Now that Ryan was getting married, the wedding was bound to be a sensation.

Madeline thought that this might be the case because she had been married twice, got divorced twice, and had three children. Ryan’s father and mother would probably feel ashamed, so she wanted to keep a low profile. Hence, she just nodded in agreement. However, she then heard Ryan say, “That’s not what I meant. I’ve considered that you might return to Jeremy’s side in the future, so keeping a low profile would also be better for you.”

This answer surprised and moved Madeline, but it also made her feel guilty.

“Rye, I’m not being impulsive in wanting to marry you, neither is it to go against Jeremy.

“Maybe fate and timing are important. Jeremy and I have been going around in circles for so many years, and in the end, we’ve reached the point of severance. Perhaps this is my destiny as is his.”

There was some light in Madeline’s eyes again.

“I’m very grateful that G*d had me meet you when I was the most exhausted.”

Ryan smiled. “I’m very happy to be the shore when you finally want to anchor yourself and a haven for you to seek shelter from the wind.”

The way Ryan said that made Madeline feel spoiled.

She had never thought that at such a time, she would meet such a good man who wanted to take care of her.

Perhaps this could be considered fate.

Ryan took Madeline home to see Mr. and Mrs. Joneses.

They were still so enthusiastic, but they also had their doubts.

Madeline and Ryan had not known each other for a long time, after all. Although they had a connection, it was years ago. Plus, Madeline already had three children now.

When Madeline went to the bathroom, Mr. and Mrs. Joneses confirmed with Ryan in a low voice, “Rye, are you ready? Are you really going to marry Miss Montgomery?”

“I’ve thought about it clearly. I want to marry Eveline.”


“Being divorced and having three children doesn’t mean that she’s not qualified to reap new relationships and marriages. She has suffered serious injuries from her marriage, but I hope I can heal her wounds and bring her happiness and joy again.”

“It makes sense.” Mrs. Jones somewhat agreed. “But…”

“Mom, Dad, Eveline is the person of my own choice. I hope to get your support instead of opposition just like back then with my desire to learn painting and realize my dream.”

Hearing this, Mr. and Mrs. Jones no longer had any objections.

Madeline came out of the bathroom. Her eyes had gone warm when she heard Ryan’s words. Maybe there was no one step earlier or one step late. Ryan was someone who was here at the right moment.

After returning, Madeline took out the box containing the rings, shell, and bookmark tokens from Whitman Manor. She then drove the car alone to the villa where Jeremy and she got married.

She stood at the door of the villa, looking at the big dark house. She pushed the door and walked in. When she first walked to the top of the stairs, Madeline found that the door of the bedroom was open and there were lights on inside.

Who could be in the room?

She paused suspiciously, then gently moved closer.