Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1034

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1034 – Jeremy did not give Karen the chance to ask questions, however. He got up and left.

In order not to disturb Madeline, Karen did not call out to Jeremy again.

Seeing Jeremy enter Jackson and Lillian’s room, she did not follow him in so as to not bother them.

Jeremy hugged the two little babies who were asleep. Looking at the two calm faces, his heart was filled with resentment and guilt.

He set his eyes on Lillian’s sleeping face, his deep eyes gentle and watery.

“Lillian, I’ll never have the chance to hear you call me ‘Daddy’ anymore, but you’re the only little princess in my heart.”

He bowed his head and wanted to k**s her cute little cheek, but thinking of the blood he had just coughed up, he felt that he was not even qualified to hold the child.

Jeremy left sadly, looking at Madeline’s door quietly for a long time before he was ready to leave. When he turned around, however, he saw Jackson standing in front of him. Those clear and simple eyes were looking at him very seriously.

“Daddy, you haven’t been home for a long time.” The little guy’s eyes were a little lonely.

Jeremy walked to the child and crouched down to touch his cute little head. “Jack, listen to your mother in the future.”

“I’ve always listened to Mommy.”

“Jack is a man now. You have to help me protect your mother and sister.”

Jackson blinked his eyes. “What about Daddy?”

“Daddy… Daddy is going to a place far, far away,” Jeremy said, holding the little boy to his chest tightly. “Jack, do you love Daddy?”

“Of course Jack loves Daddy,” Jackson answered without hesitation, “Jack also loves his mother, his sister, his brother, his grandfather… And Grandpa and Grandma, but Jack hasn’t seen Grandpa and Grandma for a long time.”

The little boy’s unintentional words pierced Jeremy’s heart.

As he was still young and ignorant, he did not know that Eloise and Sean had passed away.

The m******r who caused the child to lose his grandfather and grandmother was his own father.

“Daddy, you said you were going to a faraway place. Where are you going? Can Jack go?” the child asked innocently.

Jeremy touched his small face, feeling distressed. “Little fool, Jack must be with Mommy and love Mommy in place of Daddy.”

“Where’s Daddy going?” Jackson obviously wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Jeremy thought for a while only to answer, “Daddy is going to look for Jack’s grandfather and grandmother far away.”

“Did Grandpa and Grandma also go to a place far away?”

“Yeah.” Jeremy’s eyes were bitter, and his thin lips were slightly pursed. “That’s why Jack, when Daddy is away, you must remember that you’re now a man and take good care of your mother. Always listen to what she says.”

“Jack will do it.” Jackson blinked earnestly, raising his arms to hug Jeremy before kissing him with his small mouth. “Daddy, no matter how far away you go, Jack, Mommy, Little Brother, and Little Sister will wait for Daddy to come home. Remember to bring Grandpa and Grandma back together too.”

Jeremy smiled, but after hugging the little boy, he could not help the tears that wet his eyes.

After taking Jackson back to the room to sleep, Jeremy left.

The next day, Madeline made breakfast for the children as usual, but when she came to bring the plate away, she saw that Jackson seemed to be lost in thoughts.

“Jack, what’s the matter with you? Did Mommy make a bad breakfast today?” Madeline touched the little guy’s head gently and asked.

Jackson bit the toast. “Mommy, Daddy said he’s going to see Grandpa and Grandma. Jack also misses Grandpa and Grandma. Can I go with Daddy?”