Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1027

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1027 – Jeremy’s footsteps came to a heavy stop and he could not take another step.

He watched as Madeline smiled at Ryan, her lips spreading as dimples bloomed on her face. Oh, how he wished that the smile was for him.

Yet Jeremy knew that he was no longer worthy of such a smile.

Taking Ryan’s hand, Madeline turned and stopped by Jeremy’s side as they brushed shoulders. “Why are you still here? Go and bail your girlfriend from the police station already. With a boyfriend as skilled as you, I’m sure she’ll be out in no time.”

Jeremy knew that Madeline was mocking him.

Smiling nonchalantly, he looked at Madeline’s dignified and distant eyes. “Thank you for the reminder, Miss Montgomery. I shall fetch my girlfriend home, then.”

Fetch her home.


Madeline’s hand in Ryan’s tightened slightly as the chill blew through the riddled holes in her heart.

Ignoring Jeremy, she turned to smile at Ryan.

“You know, Rye, my last marriage was an absolute failure. Well, essentially, I got married to a f*ckboy.” Madeline’s glistening eyes sneered at Jeremy. “I know you’re a great man, Rye, but that marriage has left me with some ugly scars.

“I’ve placed all my passion and feelings throughout my entire life for that man, but he has never even given me a single day of happiness. Nor did he even care if I was happy at all. I don’t think I’d survive another marriage like that, Rye.”

Madeline’s soft and pretty voice caressed Jeremy’s ears, every word piercing into his heart like icicles while Jeremy felt numb from the pain.

After all, he had indeed hurt her.

Ryan knew what Madeline was saying, and he knew that she was saying it for Jeremy to hear.

He took Madeline’s hand and promised with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t let such a marriage happen to you again. I’ll be a husband worthy of you, and I’ll give you the happiness you deserve.”

“Hmm, I believe you.” Madeline looked at Ryan and curled her lips into a small smile before she turned to look at Jeremy’s indifferent expression. “You’ll give us your blessing, won’t you, ex-husband of mine? I’ve finally found myself a great man who loves me.”

Jeremy smiled, but hiding in his peach blossom eyes was indescribable pain.

“Of course.” His expression was calm as he stared at them. “I wish you and Mr. Jones a life of blissful happiness.”

“Thank you.”

Madeline thanked and linked her arm with Ryan’s.

“Let’s go, Rye. Come entertain the guests a little longer with me.”

“Sure.” Ryan nodded and followed Madeline.

Madeline did not look back as she brushed past Jeremy, their scents mingling in the air for a moment before it dissipated into the night forever.

Ryan looked at Jeremy from the corner of his eyes and an interesting look flashed through his starry gaze.

The man frowned slightly as regret sparked before vanishing just as quickly.

Jeremy was rooted in place. He only took the small transparent bag out of his pocket when he felt that Madeline had walked far enough.

In the bag was pain m********n.

He took a pill and swallowed it dry.

However, the ache in his chest did not dissipate. Instead, needle-like pain spread to every corner of his body. He felt the pain suffocate and numb him.

He could no longer tell if the pain was because of the poison or if it was from the regret of losing her.

As he returned, Jeremy heard a song playing on the radio. “How could I know, one day I’d wake up feeling more, but I had already reached the shore. Guess we were ships in the night…”