Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1023

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1023 – Lana’s expression shifted, and her heart grew uneasy.

No way.

Her plan was sound, and she had even used cash when she bribed Eve. How could she have miscalculated?

Lana thought that Madeline was bluffing.

She could not help but fan the flames. “Your accomplice has already admitted it, Eveline. There’s no use in arguing.”

Madeline knew then that Lana was the person behind this entire play.

However, she was Eveline Montgomery, not Madeline Crawford. There was no way she would just forgive and forget when someone was trying to frame her.

“You’re right, there’s no use in arguing at all. Which is why I’m calling the police.” Madeline pulled out her phone and made a report in front of everyone.

Still sitting on the floor, Eve’s eyes flashed to Lana before she quickly got up to keep acting. “You can’t call the police! How could you set me up, Eveline? You were the one who said you’d keep me safe even if they found out. How could you—”

Instead of getting angry, Madeline smiled and consoled her. “Oh, silly. Since you’re so adamant that we both worked together to steal that 30 million, then aren’t we technically on the same boat? Of course, I’ll keep you safe.”

“…” Eve was shocked, wondering if she had heard her wrong.

Did Eveline just admit it? That they were working together to steal from the charity funds?

What was she playing at?

Lana did not understand. Instead, she found it strange.

The police arrived at the scene in no time and began to investigate. They brought Madeline into the lounge and began a one-on-one interrogation.

Eve was frantic. She thought she only needed to listen to Lana’s instructions and slander Madeline for the 100,000 dollars to be hers.

She never thought that the police would be involved!

She was sitting limply on the floor, pretending to be afraid despite having slandered Madeline earlier.

However, she was truly terrified now!

She did not want to have a criminal record, nor did she want to go to p****n!

She had finally met a great boyfriend, so how could she go to j**l now?

Eve was anxious as she stared at Lana who was standing by the side. She wanted to align their alibis, but there were too many people in the banquet hall waiting for Madeline to come out.

After a while, Madeline exited the lounge.

Her complexion was bad, and her eyebrows were knitted. The main point though, was that there were handcuffs around Madeline’s wrists!

Both Jeremy and Ryan’s expressions changed at the sight.

Jeremy felt his heart ache as well.

He remembered how Madeline had spent three years in j**l for a crime she did not commit.

He did not want to see her framed again.

Both Lana and Naomi were shocked because they had not expected Madeline to actually be brought away!

Surprised as they were, the two were also elated.

Watching the scene, the person in charge sneered at Madeline, “You had this coming!”

Leaders of Montgomery Enterprise who disliked Madeline began to talk among themselves as well. “See? That’s our new president. What a disgrace! Had it not been for Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, how else would she have gotten the right to sit at the top?”