Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1015

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1015 – Madeline drove away.

Rooted in place, Jeremy waited until Madeline could no longer see him from her rear-view mirror before he let go of his facade. His slender fingers picked up the cigarettes on the ground.

These were custom-made cigarettes, a replica of the ones Lana gave him. However, they were not from her.

Someone had costumed these for him. They were made with ingredients that would balance the slow-acting poison inside his body. Although, he had to say that they were not very effective.

He thought of Madeline’s words. “Not even in your d***h will I let my heart hurt for you again.” He leaned against his car lifelessly, his peach blossom eyes staring dimly at the ground.

‘That day might just come sooner than you think, Linnie…

‘But I sincerely hope that you would have completely given up on me by then so that at least you won’t be hurt by it.’

Leaving April Hill, Madeline had no idea what mindset she was in as she drove away.

Passing an intersection, Madeline had not noticed the red light and drove through. She almost crashed into another car.

The other person rolled their window down to curse at Madeline before driving off.

Parking the car by the road, tears streamed down Madeline’s face as she threw herself over the steering wheel.

Taking a trip down memory lane, it seemed like she had never been truly happy at all.

The happiest moment she could recall might just be the moment she first met Jeremy on April Hill.

‘I must have used all my luck in meeting you there and then, Jeremy. Everything afterward was merely misfortune.’

Madeline stared at the night sky from the inside of her car and raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

‘This is the last time Linnie will cry for you, Jeremy. One last time… No more after this…’

Madeline returned home and fell into a deep sleep.

Her mood was regulated by the time she woke. She then went to send the two children to school before making her way to Montgomery Enterprises.

The company did a lot of charity work when Sean and Eloise were still here, and with its subsidiary company’s annual charity gala in a few days, Madeline decided to place her attention solely on work so that she would not think of the man who had fully disappointed her.

As the new holder of Montgomery Enterprises, there were many employees who were dissatisfied with Madeline’s sudden appearance.

However, as Sean and Eloise’s only daughter, most of them were in agreement for her to take over the company.

Still, there was one person who hated Madeline from the depths of her heart.

Eve Garcia from the jewelry department.

When Madeline was looking for a job fresh out of p****n, she had managed to find herself in Montgomery Enterprise’s jewelry department. As her superior, Eve used to gossip about Madeline behind her back which she had accidentally gotten wind of once.

Madeline could still remember Eve’s slander. “It’s a black mark on our department to have a woman who was an ex-inmate, a mistress, and had plagiarized someone else’s work!”

Back then, Madeline had thrown her work badge at Eve and resigned.

Madeline could still remember that mortified look on Eve’s face.

Yet Eve would never have expected Madeline to be the Montgomeries’ only daughter who now held the highest authority as the person with the most stocks in Montgomery Enterprises!

She was not in the position to offend her and neither did she want to resign, so Eve had no choice but to return to her station.

Madeline was walking past the jewelry department with documents in her hand when she suddenly heard one of Eve’s colleagues asking Eve with interest, “What if our new president takes revenge and fires you, Eve?”