Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1014

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1014 – Guessing what had happened, he quickly placed the menu down and ran after Madeline.

Standing in an empty corner in the underground car park, Madeline trembled and shook as her heart ached with no sign of relief.

Watching Madeline try and suppress her feelings alone in the corner, Ryan quickly made his way over.

Seeing her agony, Ryan reached out for her. “If it’s too much, you can always choose to lean on my shoulders. I may not be the person you want to rely on the most, but I think I qualify enough as an escape.”

Madeline slowly looked up to stare at the gentle features in front of her as her tears began to fall.

Ryan took a step forward and opened his arms to pull Madeline into his chest.

Jeremy watched the scene from afar and felt his heart clench as pain consumed it.

Yet another uncomfortable feeling within his body reminded him that giving her away was the best and only choice he could make.

Madeline cried for a long time before her emotions began to calm.

Getting into the car, she decided to text Jeremy to meet her by the seaside of April Hill.

Seven o’clock that night, the man arrived on time.

The cold sea breeze blew. It was no longer salty and sweet like it used to be.

“Did you want to ask why I got together with Lana?” Jeremy asked straightforwardly, his tone cold and distant.

Madeline merely stared at the man’s calm expression silently.

From her eyes, Jeremy read her question. He approached her with a smile and cupped her cheeks with both his hands. “Eveline Montgomery, you will always be the woman I, Jeremy Whitman, love the most. But there’s also no way we can ever get back together.”

‘There’s no way, Linnie. Not even if you forgave me.’

His reply crushed Madeline’s heart and enraged her. “So you’ve decided to be with Lana? The person who used you to k**l my parents?”

“Yeah. I got together with her. The gossip online is true. We’ve… slept together.”

His words shot through her heart like a thousand arrows.

Trembling, she pushed the man away while suppressing the heartbreak and tears. “Jeremy Whitman, you b*stard! I’m so disappointed in you! Tell me just what kind of man did I fall in love with all these years?”

Jeremy remained indifferent to Madeline’s disappointed reprimanding.

He pulled a box of cigarettes from his pocket. Lighting one between his fingers, he took a drag.

Madeline could not suppress the tears at the sight and snatched the cigarette and its box before throwing them on the floor. Then, she gave him a harsh slap across his face.

“Do you somehow think that I exist for the sole purpose to be hurt by and for you? Why must you treat me like this, Jeremy? Am I not worthy of happy days at all?”

“You’re right, you should never have fallen for me at all.” Jeremy curled his lips faintly as he stared at her teary face. He secretly balled his fists to hide his trembling fingers. “It’s your biggest misfortune to have met me, Eveline. I cannot give you the happiness you deserve. All I give is pain, so stop loving me. I don’t want to be loved by you anymore.”


Madeline placed all her strength to leave a clear handprint on Jeremy’s cheek. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably as breathing itself started to feel like a difficult feat. “I don’t want to see you anymore. I don’t… After tonight, Jeremy Whitman, I won’t shed another tear for you. Not even in your d***h will I let my heart hurt for you again.”

She bit her lip to ignore the searing ache in her chest.

“I hate you! I hate you so much, Jeremy Whitman! I hate the fact that you’re not atoning for my parents’ d***h right now!”