Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 501

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 501 – “It’s Freya. She went to the forensic department in the hospital. Do you think she has an illegitimate child or something?”

“The forensic department?” The voice on the other end of the line suddenly raised in pitch. “Freya is in Melbourne?”

“Yeah, I also find it weird that she’s suddenly back. She can’t be trying to get Patrick back, right? Hmph, I won’t let her succeed—”

“Linda, we’ll talk next time. Something suddenly came up here.”

Rebecca ended the call and suddenly realized that her scalp was still hurting. She had lost a large patch of hair when Catherine yanked her by the hair before.

Her heart thumped, and she immediately dialed a mysterious number. “Catherine’s friend Freya suddenly went to the forensic department in a hospital in Melbourne. I think that Catherine took my hair to do a paternity test with Jeffery.”

“I’ll investigate it.”

“If Shaun and the others find out that I’m the fake Shelley Langley, they’ll definitely k**l me.”

“Don’t worry. As long as you work for us, I won’t let you d*e.”

In the hospital.

Freya quickly got the report and saw the large words ‘positive match’ on it. She immediately cursed Rebecca Jones and all her ancestors.

She dialed Catherine’s number, saying, “What the f*ck, you were right! Shelley Langley really is Jeffery Jones’ biological daughter. She’s Rebecca Jones.”

Catherine rubbed her forehead. She really did not want the result to be true.

However, in the face of Shaun’s increasingly serious illness and the medicine and milk that Shelley used to give Shaun every day…

Was that even normal medicine?

She suddenly shuddered.

“I’ll take pictures and send them to you. Hurry up and tell Shaun.”

Catherine received the pictures and immediately went to the study to find Shaun.

Shaun seldom went to the company these days and usually worked in the study.

She pushed the door open and went in.

Shaun’s eyes brightened when he saw her. Recently, she had not taken the initiative to look for him. “Miss me?

“What’s the matter?” He went straight to the point.

Catherine rolled her eyes at him and turned on her phone, showing him the picture.

When Shaun saw the paternity test report of Jeffery Jones and Shelley Langley, his whole face darkened. “What does that mean? They’re biological father and daughter?”

He was a little stunned. Shelley was a member of the Langley family. Why did she suddenly become Catherine’s cousin?

“No, the real Shelley Langley can’t be Jeffery Jones’ daughter. It’s because the current Shelley Langley is a fake. She’s Rebecca Jones after she got plastic surgery.”

Shaun completely froze. After a long time, he looked at Catherine with a complex gaze. “Cathy, you’re overthinking this—”

“I’m not. I thought Shelley was familiar the first time I met her, but I didn’t think too much about it at that time. Then, I went to the spa and saw Shelley there. Charity said that the real Shelley had an accident when she was young that gave her a deep scar below her neck but there’s no trace of it on this Shelley. Furthermore, her personality is completely different from when she was in school back then. That’s why I pulled her hair previously and got it tested with Jeffery Jones’ hair. It turns out that they’re biological father and daughter.”

Catherine looked at Shaun solemnly. “Don’t you remember that Rebecca Jones was taken away by an unlicensed van and her whereabouts are still unknown?”

“But I asked Hadley to check Shelley’s past and there’s nothing suspicious…”

“What you found might only be the surface. Do you even know the real Shelley Langley? Do you know her character?”

Shaun was stunned.