Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 406

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 406 – Finally, Shaun pulled back from Catherine’s red lips reluctantly.

She could still taste him on her lips. Embarrassed, she lifted her gaze and was surprised to see that the window was halfway open. “I think… I heard a car driving past earlier…”

The woman felt like k*****g herself right this second. Did anyone see them earlier?

“Hmm.” The man’s eyes sparkled before he flashed a smile. “There’s nothing wrong about a husband and wife kissing.”

She bit her lip. ‘This has nothing to do with being married or not. I’m not that shameless like you,’ she thought to herself.

“About just now… Why did you hold my hand?” He stared at her intensely.

Embarrassment replaced the confusion on her face a few seconds later.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She looked to the side.

“I meant when the Hill family supported Director Irvine to break my arm.” He leaned forward to chuckle in her ears. “Did you feel bad for me?”

“I didn’t. Stop thinking so highly of yourself.” Frustrated, she changed the topic of conversation abruptly. “Will you still collaborate with Director Irvine and the rest?”


“But they’re all large-scale corporations in our country…”

“High technology develops rapidly at this age and time. A business can’t survive with products made with outdated data,” he explained meaningfully. “I’ve learned something from this incident. I plan to help new companies grow by investing in them as a stockholder. It’s time for those old-fashioned companies that take advantage of the surrounding environment to step down.”

She understood almost immediately. “You want to build a business empire that belongs to you alone. One where you’re standing at the top of the hierarchy.”

“You can put it that way. I don’t want to keep pleasing someone else to do business.” His eyes revealed determination while his voice reflected dominance.

Catherine inhaled sharply.

This man’s ambition was wilder than she thought.

It seemed like he was going to transform the city of Canberra.

However… could she really handle a man like Shaun? Undoubtedly, more women would be throwing themselves into his arms the minute he regained his position at the top.

Would she still manage to keep her status as Mrs. Hill in the future?

Two days later.

A huge fight was going on in the Yule household.

“Joel, I’ll d*e before you get to divorce me,” Nicole screamed hysterically.

“Stop trying to threaten me. I’ll divorce you even if you d*e.” Joel’s voice revealed his unwavering determination. “You’re treacherous. How could you persuade Valerie to disfigure Cathy’s face? Not to mention how you convinced Director Irvine to set her up at the engagement ceremony! Don’t think I’m unaware of anything.”

“You must’ve heard it from Catherine again, huh? You believe everything she says simply because she’s Sheryl’s daughter. You only care about that woman!”

“That’s right, Sheryl is the only woman I have loved in my entire life. My biggest regret is to have married a malicious woman like you.”

Joel flew off the handle. “You have three days to sign the papers. Otherwise, I’ll give up my reputation to appeal for the divorce.”

Then, he rose to his feet and left the room.

“Joel, you b*****d!” Valerie knelt on the ground and began crying aloud.

Her phone began ringing not long later. She saw the caller ID and shouted into the phone, “What do you want now?”

“Joel Yule has spoken with a lawyer about equity division. Catherine is getting 35% whereas Melanie is getting 5%.”

“What?” Nicola was about to lose her mind. “He’s taking great care of that illegitimate daughter but is trying to divorce me. Joel’s ruthless. At the very least, I still spent the last 20 years with him!”

“He has really made up his mind this time. The consequences would be disastrous if this agreement is legalized.”

“What should we do then?” She was genuinely flustered.

“The only choice we have right now is to have Joel Yule d**d.”

This caught her by surprise.

“Think about what he has done to you and your daughter.”