Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 546

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 546 – “Yes, I’m here.” Shaun lightly patted Catherine on the back. It had been so long since she called him that endearment. There was a fuzzy feeling in his heart. Perhaps he had not been showing her enough consideration which caused her to be depressed. “But I was a little angry today. You shouldn’t have driven so fast today. What if you and the children got hurt?”

“I’ll not do that again.” She shook her head. After a brief consideration, she lifted her eyes to say, “Actually, I didn’t push her on purpose today. Sarah told me the urn doesn’t hold Aunty Jennifer’s ashes but a dog’s. She flushed Aunty Jennifer’s ashes down the drain. I couldn’t take it…”


Shock was written over his face.

She was not surprised to see that reaction. “I know you won’t believe me and probably even think I’m accusing her. It doesn’t matter.”

“It is quite hard to believe that,” he said honestly while still caressing her back.

It would be horrifying if Sarah had actually done that.

Even if Jennifer was a homewrecker, she was already d**d. It would not be right to mess with the d**d’s ashes like this.

“Hmm, I don’t want to believe that either. I hope she’s just lying,” she replied tiredly.

“Well, stop overthinking it. I’ll get Aunty Yasmine to bring the cake over. Eating dessert will cheer you up.”

He carried her into the garden.

The sun was shining warmly into the garden. Catherine rested her head against his chest as he fed her the cake. She cheered up after that and somehow fell asleep while nestled in his arms.

After carrying her back into the bedroom, he left the room and called Hadley. “Go investigate if Jennifer’s ashes belong to a human.”

“What else would it be? A ghost’s ashes?”

When did the investigations nowadays become so spooky?

“Do it right away!” he yelled at his assistant.

The following day.

Sarah came to the villa to treat Shaun.

Catherine and Shaun were waiting for her in the living room. Catherine had deliberately skipped going into the office today.

Sarah looked pretty in a light pink summer dress with ruffled sleeves. Her eyes still appeared slightly puffy from all the crying, which made her look somewhat pitiable.

However, Catherine had already seen how much cruelty hid behind that beautiful face. This woman was a thousand times more evil than Rebecca.

“Young Madam.” A hint of intimidation flashed across Sarah’s eyes. After exchanging casual greetings, she turned to Shaun. “Let’s start our second treatment session.”

Catherine rose to her feet and questioned. “Miss Neeson, can you tell me the exact details of this second session? What kind of treatment method is required?”

“Sadness therapy. In simpler terms, it allows the patient to deliberately control excitement, joy, and forget about their worries in a negative mindset, thereby transforming the feelings into positive energy.”

Catherine frowned at the sound of that. “It sounds quite risky.”

A smile spread across Sarah’s face. “You’re right. But Shaun’s been sick for 20 years and his condition can’t be cured if we don’t take risks. Besides, to tell the truth, if he refuses therapy, his condition might worsen into something similar to Alzheimer’s in less than a year.”

His face fell. “Why didn’t you say this before?”

“I didn’t want to worry you or make you feel burdened through the therapy sessions.” Sarah laughed bitterly. “I have no choice but to tell you now because I sense that Young Madam doesn’t like me very much. I have to honestly explain the severity of the situation to her.”