Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 532

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 532 – “You can check my body to see if there are any marks. I’m innocent.” Shaun stretched out his arms and turned around in front of Catherine.

Catherine could not bring herself to look at him. She rose to her feet and pushed him away. Then, she walked to the bathroom. “Get in now, you hoodlum.”

“Stop crying, my dear. I’ll only behave like a hoodlum in front of you.” Shaun seized the opportunity to pull her into his arms and planted a k**s on her face. After that, he said shamelessly, “I just feel like behaving like a hoodlum in front of you.”

“Shaun, I hate this behavior of yours.”

Catherine raised her hands and pounded him. She did not feel better. Instead, she felt increasingly aggrieved and wept more bitterly. “You always criticize me without getting your facts right and begin rewarding me afterward. I disallow from meeting Sarah.”

“That’s not possible, babe.” A bitter smile flashed across Shaun’s face. “I’m afraid only she’s capable of treating my illness. Do you want me to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease at such a young age and forget about you and our children?”

Catherine bit her lip in agony. “I can’t stand you guys spending so much time together all the time. Otherwise… ask her to treat you in the manor, and I’ll watch from outside.”

Shaun pinched her cheeks lightly. “What a domineering wife you are. I didn’t realize that earlier.”

Catherine glared at him. “Shaun, you need to understand that I wouldn’t care about you if it weren’t for the children.”

“What do you mean?” Shaun’s eyes narrowed. “So you’re staying by my side only because of the children?”

“Think about what you’ve done. At first, you kept Shelley by your side, and now you have Sarah with you. I feel worn out. I don’t know how long my love for you will last,” Catherine said bitterly and frankly.

Shaun felt sorry deep down.

He had not expected that Sarah would turn out to be his psychologist either.

Having said that, he really had no intention of getting back together with Sarah. “I’ll listen to you, babe.”

By the time Shaun came out of the bathroom, Catherine was already lying on the bed. She kept tossing and turning, having difficulty falling asleep.

Shaun snuggled into the bed and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m not going to sleep next door. I want to s********h you.”

Catherine turned her body over and ignored him.

“I suspect that we’ve always been arguing these days mainly because we’re sleeping separately now. As a couple, we need to be intimate in order to improve our relationship.”

With that, Shaun kissed her on the face.

Initially, he just planned to give her a k**s. However, he ended up kissing her longer than he planned, probably because he had not been so intimate with her for quite some time.

Catherine was dazed as he kissed her. A part of her rejected him while a part of her went along with him. With that, Shaun became addicted.

Well, they had fought but were kissing and making up now.

The next day, Catherine was finally clear-headed after a good night’s sleep.

Sure enough, Sarah had come prepared. When it came to dealing with this kind of woman, Catherine had to be b*tchier than her.

If this had happened earlier, Catherine might have quit such an unstable relationship.

Now that she was pregnant, she had to protect her family.

She had no choice but to bite the bullet.

After contemplating for a while, she turned her body over and said to Shaun, “From today onward, I’ll visit your office from time to time. Now that I’m being locked in here every day, I have nowhere to go and I tend to overthink, which depresses me more.”

Shaun frowned and was concerned about her. “But—”

“I’m fed up with thinking about you all the time. When you didn’t come back those days, I wondered if you had fallen for another woman, disliked me for being pregnant, and disliked me for being skeptical. I hate how I’m behaving this way,” Catherine interrupted his sentence. Her tone was filled with distress.

Shaun let out a sigh. After some thought, he realized that they had been having a really bitter row these days. Having to focus on work and his treatment, he often did not have time to care for her. “Alright.”