Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 516

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 516 – Charity promised herself that she would not forgive them until the day she died.

Over at the manor.

Catherine felt like a caged bird.

She could only walk around the manor and nowhere else.

It had been a week since she last saw Shaun.

She reckoned the man had already forgotten about her pregnancy.

As she was depressed, she lost the desire to eat. This worried Old Master Hill and Old Madam Hill greatly.

“Ring Shaun,” Old Madam Hill instructed the housekeeper at dinnertime. “He can’t ignore his wife and children no matter how busy he is with work. I wanted them to sleep in separate rooms but I didn’t order him to cast his wife aside.”

The housekeeper made the phone call right away. “Eldest Young Master Hill said he’s working overtime.”

“He still needs to rest! What is he thinking?!” Old Master Hill slammed his fist on the table.

“Perhaps he’s really occupied with work.” Immediately, Old Madam Hill threw a glance at the old man and gestured toward Catherine’s direction with her chin.

Old Master Hill was troubled. Shaun made this woman his wife but had now cast her aside. Could it be possible that he had a change of heart?

The old man did not like Catherine too much but could not help feeling sorry for the young lady who now looked frail and tired.

“Grandpa, Grandma, there’s no point ringing him. The two of us got into an argument, thus he probably doesn’t want to see me now.” Catherine lifted her head calmly. “I’m just really bored staying in the manor everyday. Can I go out tomorrow to see my friend?”

“Um, alright then. But you have to be cautious. Aunty Yasmine will go with you,” Old Madam Hill said without hesitation.

However, the following day when Catherine planned to leave the house, Elle tried stopping her. “Young Madam, I’m sorry but Eldest Young Master Hill has given the order that you aren’t allowed to leave the manor.”

“Is he planning to lock me up?” Catherine looked at her bodyguard disappointedly.

How could that man treat her so cruelly?

A helpless expression spread across Elle’s face. “I know you want to go to the court for Charity Neeson’s trial but this will only provoke Eldest Young Master Hill even more…”

“Am I not allowed to even see my friend for the last time?” Catherine took a few steps toward Elle. “Tell him that if I don’t leave this manor today, I’ll… I’ll give up on the children.”

Then, she revealed a fruit knife from her pocket.

Elle was shocked. “Young Madam, please calm down.”

“I can’t calm down. I’m a pregnant woman but I’m living like a prisoner. What gives him the right to imprison me? I’m a human! I’d rather give up on the children if this is the life I have to put up with forever.” Her eyes were welled up with tears, even her hands were trembling by now.

Elle was really scared that she might harm the children, hence she quickly compromised and smiled bitterly. “Sure, please go. I’ll make a phone call to Eldest Young Master Hill later.

Immediately, Catherine took big strides toward the main gate.

She was already running late. Perhaps wasting another second would make her miss the trial.

In a presidential suite in a five-star hotel.

Sarah was reading the patient’s record on the couch. Shaun placed a cup of coffee in front of her.

She took a quick sip before smiling. “You still remember that I like Americano.”