Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 514

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 514 – Sarah clenched the wine glass in her hand. “But have you guys ever imagined what would happen to a young, pretty woman after getting kidnapped?”

Shaun, Chester, and Rodney were taken aback.

Shaun’s hand trembled as he held the wine glass. He looked up and stared at Sarah in shock.

“I’m not going to share the details. It was painful.” Sarah curled her lips and sipped the wine. “I was tortured again and again. After some time, I finally managed to flee, only to find out that… I was considered a d**d person. My visa had been revoked, so I couldn’t come back. I tried to contact the Neeson family, but they couldn’t be bothered about me. They told me outright that they would leave me high and dry.”

“They’ve gone too far. Are they even humans?” Rodney flung the glass and leaped to his feet in fury.

“I did think about contacting Shaunic, but I… I don’t even deserve to be with him.” Sarah blinked, tears streaming down her cheeks. “He’s a man with a bright future ahead of him, whereas I have the filthiest body. I hoped he would be able to find a better woman after I left him.”

Shaun closed his eyes. His heart was burning with pain.

He could not imagine the torture Sarah had gone through while he was under the impression she was d**d.

If she had returned half a year ago, he would have married Sarah without hesitation.

Now that Catherine was pregnant with his children, his feelings for her had changed.

“Alright, drop it.” Chester handed a piece of tissue to Sarah.

Rodney felt as if a knife was slicing his heart. “Don’t worry, Sarah. No matter how much you’ve changed, we’ll never look down on you. You’re always the purest woman in our hearts.”

“Thanks.” Sarah smiled with tears welling in her eyes. “In fact, I came back this time for another reason.”

With that, she handed three business cards to them.

Shaun was stunned at the sight of the business card in his hand. “You’re actually the internationally renowned psychologist, Nyasia.”

“It’s a bit of a stretch to say that I’m internationally renowned. Having said that, I’m quite skilled in treating these kinds of cases.” A sweet smile spread across Sarah’s face. She extended her hand to him. “Young Master Hill, I’d appreciate your guidance.”

With mixed feelings, Shaun shook hands with her.

Rodney said, “Sarah, you’re awesome. I remember that you studied psychology for Shaun’s sake, and now you finally made it.”

“I didn’t expect he’d relapse again,” Sarah said with a smile.

“It’s all because—”

“Drink your wine.” Shaun used a glass of wine to stop Rodney’s mouth.

Sarah laughed at the sight of the scene. “By the way, I want to visit Charity…”

“Why do you want to visit her? She treated you terribly back then.” Chester frowned.

“Exactly. She even prevented you from returning. Is she even human?”

“After all, she’s my stepsister. What’s more, I don’t know how long her sentence is going to be this time. Perhaps I won’t get to see her anymore. I just hope she’ll learn from her mistakes.” Sarah gave a bitter laugh.


The next day.

In the detention center.

Charity quietly sat in a corner. There were bruises all over her body and face. Not one part of her body was left uninjured.

A bunch of b****l criminals had been keeping an eye on her. If she had not mastered some basic martial arts skills, she would have already been tortured to d***h.

“Charity, someone came to visit you.”

A yell sounded from outside.

Charity struggled to rise to her feet. No one had come to visit her during this period, not even her parents. Obviously, someone had pulled some strings. At this time, who would be able to pay her a visit?