Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 502

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 502 – Catherine continued, “Think carefully. Your friends keep saying that your memory is getting worse because I provoked you, but you must have been very sad as well when Sarah Langley died. Did this happen to you back then? From the time Shelley Langley started taking care of you, why have you been forgetting your memories?”

Shaun’s face went white.

Sure enough, it was only recently that he had frequent headaches and suffered from poor memory.

“I’m 100% sure that she’s Rebecca Jones. What’s her purpose in suddenly appearing by your side? Did she add anything into the milk and medications she usually prepared for you? Have you ever thought about that?”

Catherine’s eyes were grim. “You got injections and took the medications every day, and you used to be able to get better before. Why have they become useless now?”

Shaun was speechless.

He also began to believe her words.

“You can tell someone to grab Shelley immediately and send her for paternity testing. Aren’t her parents still around? I guarantee that she’s definitely Rebecca Jones.”

Catherine reminded sincerely, “Take the chance now while she doesn’t know yet. Also, whoever saved her is the person who arranged for her to be by your side. The person backing her must want to deal with you.”


Shaun immediately called Hadley. “Grab Shelley Langley immediately. I want to get a paternity test report on Shelley and Alex Langley within 24 hours.”

Catherine felt slightly disappointed.

In the end, he still did not believe that the report was true, so he had to personally verify it before he could be sure.

However, it did not matter. What she said was true.

At 2:00 a.m.

Shaun suddenly received a phone call from Hadley. “Eldest Young Master Hill, bad news. Shelley Langley is d**d.”

“What happened?” Shaun suddenly sat up.

“I had her locked up in the house in the suburbs. Around midnight, the guards found someone trying to save Shelley and went after them, but once they returned, they found that the other two had been knocked unconscious and the house was set on fire. Although Shelley was rescued, she has been b****d to d***h.”

Hadley said with chagrin, “I think they weren’t accomplices trying to save Shelley. They were trying to silence her.”

“I’m coming over now.”

Shaun hung up the phone and quickly drove to the place where the incident took place.

When he got out of the car, he saw Rodney standing in front of a body bag. His eyes were red, and when he saw Shaun, he rushed over to punch him.

“Calm down.” Shaun grabbed his fist.

“How can I be calm? Why did you lock Shelley up? She’s d**d. You k****d her!” Rodney roared at him. “I know she can’t be compared to Catherine Jones, but she’s still Sarah’s sister. She’s an innocent girl.”

“She might not be Shelley Langley,” Shaun said coldly.

Rodney laughed in anger. “I’m not blind. Only half of her face was b****d. I can still recognize her.”

“Catherine did a paternity test on her. She’s Rebecca Jones, but she underwent plastic surgery to approach me.” Shaun frowned. “I detained her to find out who the mastermind is.”

“Are you telling the truth?” Rodney was dubious.

“Why would I lie to you?”

Just as Shaun finished speaking, Hadley suddenly came over and hesitated to speak, “Eldest Young Master Hill, the forensic department has come out with the results. The report shows that Shelley and Alex Langley have biological relations.”

“Shaun Hill, you b*stard!” Rodney really punched him in the face this time.

Shaun took a few steps back and barely regained his balance. His whole face was gloomy. “Are you sure there’s no mistake?”