Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 499

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 499 – “Go ahead. Grandma would have turned off her phone at this hour to sleep.” Shaun domineeringly took her into his arms, and his left hand strayed toward her stomach. “Let me see if our two little babies have grown a little today.”

“They’re only a month old now. There won’t be any changes.” Catherine pushed his hand away speechlessly. “Go away. I want to sleep.”

“You haven’t answered my question.” Shaun stared intently at her. “Who wants to be the children’s godmother? If it’s Freya Lynch, I disagree because her IQ is worrying. If it’s Charity Neeson, I disagree even more…”

“Shaun Hill, did you come over in the middle of the night to argue with me?” Catherine grew angry and hit him with the pillow. “The children are mine. It’s my decision on who gets to be their godmother. If you don’t stop nagging, I won’t give birth to them.”

“What did you say?” Shaun’s face suddenly darkened. “Catherine Jones, think before you speak. Don’t think that the children won’t understand what you’re saying just because they’re little fetuses now. Have you thought about their feelings?”

Catherine was pregnant, so her emotions were easily agitated. With just a few admonishments, her eyes turned red with grievances. “You’re the one who aggravated me. I’m telling you, if you want to get back together with me, you have to accept my friends too.”

Shaun panicked when she started crying. “Okay, don’t cry.”

Not only did Catherine not stop, but her tears also came streaming down and she yelled even louder. “What’s more, how dare you look down on my friends?! Is Rodney Snow that smart? I think he’s dumber than a pig. As for Chester Jewell, he’s just a playboy. They’re all useless.”


Shaun was suddenly a little dumbfounded at her criticisms.

Logically speaking, he should be angry that she was scolding his friends.

However, when he saw her tears, his heart hurt like it was about to melt from the pain. “Don’t cry. Crying isn’t good for the children.”

“I want to cry. It’s your fault for disturbing me at night. I just want to have a good night’s rest but you don’t even allow me that much.”

The pain she had been bottling up in her heart these days suddenly came bursting out.

Catherine could not control it at all.

Even Aunty Zara, who was keeping watch in the small room next door, was startled by the noise and came in.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, how did you come in?” Aunty Zara immediately tore Shaun away. “The old madam told me to keep an eye on you. The young madam is now going through an important period, so you two can’t sleep together. What a good job you’ve done! You sneaked over and even caused her to cry. Hurry up and get out.”

It was fine if she were just an ordinary servant, but Aunty Zara had been with the old madam for decades. Although Shaun did not dare to do anything, he still felt very aggrieved. “I just came over to tell the baby a story.”

Catherine rubbed her eyes and became choked with anger. “You came over… to anger me. Leave!”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, please leave quickly.” Aunty Zara hurriedly threw him out.

It was not until everyone left that Catherine slowly stopped her tears, but her heart was still upset.

When she got up the next day, she had dark circles under her eyes.

During breakfast, the two elders found out about last night’s incident and Old Master Hill lost his temper on the spot. “Do you even want your children? How old are you now? You’re not sensible at all!”

Old Madam Hill was also angry. “The balcony will be sealed in the future. Don’t let him have the opportunity to sneak in again. You undisciplined hoodlum!”

Shaun, whose face fell at their scoldings, gently rubbed Catherine’s calf with his foot. “Dear…”

Catherine looked away and totally ignored him.

Two days later.

In a hospital in Melbourne.

Freya received a call from the hospital and immediately rushed over.

It was a Monday and the hospital was crowded. She circled the parking lot for more than ten minutes before finally finding an empty spot. However, while reversing, a red sports car quickly slotted in and almost hit her car. It scared her so much that her heart skipped a beat.

“Are you insane?!”

Freya screamed in anger and opened the door, rushing out. “Do you have any morals? Didn’t you see that I was reverse parking? You almost hit my car!”