Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 487

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Catherine was even more sure of the answer in her heart now.

However, Shaun’s face became unpleasant. “I***t! How could you let her escape even after sending her to that remote mountainous area?”

Hadley was vexed. “The man said that a van picked her up when he was chasing after her.”

“It’s hard to believe that Rebecca Jones still has any accomplices. Go and look into that van,” Shaun ordered coldly.

“Yes.” Hadley paused and could not help but ask, “Young Madam, you suddenly asked me to check on Rebecca Jones yesterday. Are you aware of something?”

Shaun also stared at Catherine in confusion.

“I can’t tell you now.”

Catherine looked away. Shaun probably would not believe her if she said that Shelley Langley might be Rebecca Jones. He might even blame her for using unfair methods to deal with Shelley.

“Tell me. I don’t like it when you hide things from me.” Shaun pulled on her shoulder domineeringly.

Catherine was speechless. “Then why didn’t you think of how I felt when you kept Shelley Langley with you while hiding it from me?”

Shaun, “…”

There it was again. He was most afraid of her mentioning that.

“Eat. The noodles will get soggy.” Eldest Young Master Hill did not dare to ask anything more as he was afraid of drawing her ire.

Catherine scoffed, not wanting to be in a bad mood because of him.

However, after taking a bite, Catherine finally lost her temper. “Shaun Hill, where’s my salt?”

“It’s here, it’s here.” Shaun handed her the salt with a fawning expression.

Hadley was completely speechless as he watched the scene. He never expected the high and mighty Eldest Young Master Hill to become such a k**s*ss.

His WhatsApp name had also been changed to a cheesy name like ‘Shauncierely Yours’, making everyone think that his account had been hacked into.

This was why men should never be so pretentious. After all, the day when they got slapped would definitely come.

“By the way, Hadley, didn’t you say there was a supply contract I had to sign yesterday? Did you bring it today?” Shaun suddenly asked.

Hadley paused. “Eldest Young Master Hill, you already signed it yesterday. Don’t you remember?”

Shaun frowned and wanted to recall harder, but his head hurt again and his face paled in pain.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, let’s go to the hospital. You need an IV drip.” Hadley looked pleadingly at Catherine. “Young Madam, can you bring him there?

“My car broke down and I took a cab here. Young Madam, Eldest Young Master Hill needs to get an IV drip every day. He has to go.”


Catherine was speechless. She was completely unprepared for this.

How did Shaun become so sick?

“Wait until I finish my noodles.”

She picked up her fork again.

Shaun secretly shot Hadley a gratified look. Good job!

15 minutes later, Catherine drove out a new Porsche from the garage.

After Shaun got in, he turned and said to Hadley, “Drive over the supercar I gave her before tomorrow.”

Catherine suddenly remembered that the supercar he gave her had the car plate number ‘4EVA’. It was the only car of its kind in the country, so she had been quite happy when she received it.

“No need, I don’t like it anymore.” After she finished speaking, she added, “Eldest Young Master Hill, you should save your hobby of using numbers to confess to other people. I’m afraid I’d be disgusted if I sat in it.”

4EVA? What nonsense.

Just the thought of it made her want to vomit.


Shaun’s face instantly darkened. “I didn’t think of setting off the fireworks at 9:20 p.m. on Friday. It was Rodney—”

“Yes, Young Madam. I can attest to that,” Hadley said seriously.