Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 483

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 483 – Charity’s expression darkened upon hearing those words. She was about to stand up, but Catherine pressed her shoulders down.

“You’re just going to let this slide?” Charity looked at her.

“Don’t be hasty. Let’s finish our bath first.”

Catherine shook her head and closed her eyes.

20 minutes later, Shelley and three other ladies came out of the washroom wearing bathrobes. Suddenly, they saw Catherine and Charity blocking their path.

“Young Madam, what are you trying to do? You can’t possibly want to bully us right?” Shelley put on a panicked look on her face.

A tall, skinny woman behind her came forward and said, “Young Madam Hill, there’s no need for you to take your anger out on a woman. Sometimes when men cheat on you, you must reflect on yourself. After all, it takes two to tango.”

Charity’s gaze turned icy. “No wonder you guys hang out together. Looks like birds of a feather flock together.”

Catherine scoffed. “Shelley, I just want to take back the gold card that’s with you right now. Shaun and I are husband and wife. His property is our shared property. I have the right to take back the money that he gave you.”

“Young Madam, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I earned the money that I have,” Shelley said aggrievedly.

“You earned it with your body?” Charity mocked, “Shelley, how did you become like this? I remember you were quite honest back then. On your 18th birthday, you even refused a diamond necklace that Sarah gave you because it was expensive.”

“Charity, I’ve never changed.” Shelley’s eyes reddened.

Charity’s eyes glinted.

“Fine, if you’re not taking it out, I’ll call the police.” Catherine took her phone out annoyedly. “If you’re still holding my husband’s gold card when the police come, I can say that you’re a thief. Of course, if you have the ability, you can call Shaun to come over.”

Seeing that she was about to call the police, Shelley bit her lip and took a card out of her pocket. “You can call the police. This card was given to me by Young Master Snow. I can get him to come over and testify to this.”

Her friends were stunned. “Shelley, didn’t you say just now that it was Eldest Young Master Hill who gave it to you?”

Shelley’s face reddened in embarrassment. She stammered, “The card that Eldest Young Master Hill gave me is in my house…”

Charity ridiculed her, “Why did both Eldest Young Master Hill and Young Master Snow give you a gold card? I heard that the rich like to share their women with friends. Tsk tsk, this is incredible.”

The way Shelley’s friends looked at her suddenly changed. Their gazes were now full of disdain and scorn.

“Charity, let’s go.”

Catherine took Charity’s arm and left. Since the card that Shelley had was Rodney’s, she had no right to pursue the matter further.

Charity looked back at Shelley and whispered, “This Shelley is weird.”

“Yeah, she’s a b*tch who knows how to pretend…”

“No, Shelley is Sarah’s cousin. She would often come over to the Neeson family to play. I met her many times back then. From what I remember, Shelley was an honest and well-behaved person. She was even a little dull. I tested her out just now. On her 18th birthday, Sarah never gifted her a diamond necklace, but she didn’t know at all…”

Catherine’s heart pounded strongly. “You’re saying that Shelley is a fake?”

Charity nodded. “Not only that, Shelley accidentally hit a truck in the past when she was cycling back home after school. The steel bars on the truck left a deep wound on her collarbone, and a scar remained. However, her skin was flawless when she wore the bathrobe just now.”


Catherine’s steps halted.

Her head was about to explode.

If that Shelley was a fake, then where was the real Shelley?

Who was the person who was posing as Shelley and what was her intention?

Right, when she first met Shelley, she had thought her eyes were very familiar. That exact same b*tchy personality of hers had made her think of… Rebecca.

A chill broke out from her body.