Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 481

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 481 – “Don’t be stupid. If the Campos family wants to go to court with Shaun, there’s absolutely no chance of winning. He’s an expert on the law. Nobody can outwit him.”

Lea pressed the card into his hand. “I run a company too. I know how big is the cash flow of a listed company. You can return the money to me when the Campos family has enough capital.”

“Thank you.”

Mason hugged her.

Lea smiled. At that moment, Old Master Hill called her all of a sudden. “Where are you? I have something to discuss with you. Come back to the manor immediately.”


“Just you alone.”

Lea was stunned.

An hour later, she walked into the living room. “Dad, why did you call me back here?”

“Let me ask you, how much cash do you have in hand?” Old Master Hill gazed at her sharply.

Lea pressed her lips together inexplicably. “There’s not much left. I invested most of it.”

Old Master Hill stood up slowly. “I’m very clear about how much you have and how much you invested. Don’t tell me that you lent the money to Mason?”

Lea gritted her teeth and said, “Dad, Shaun demanded 800 million dollars from Campos Corporation in one go. Where can the Campos family find so much money—”

“So you really gave it to him?” Old Madam Hill asked shakily.

“Yes.” Lea nodded.

When she finished, Old Master Hill slapped her across the face. “I***t!”

“Dad…” Lea was in a daze from being hit. Since she was young, she had received nothing but praises from Old Master Hill—except for the time she insisted on getting married to Mason that year.

“I thought you were quite clever before, but why is the hole in your brain getting bigger as you grow older?”

Old Master Hill flung a document to her face. “Look for yourself. This is my recent investigation into the Campos family. Campos Corporation has a net worth of more than 900 billion. Of course, most of it was used for investment, but there’s still at least 100 billion dollars in the company’s account.”

Lea was shocked upon seeing the documents.

Her in-laws had always been telling her that the Campos family was having trouble maintaining their cash flow.

“This… I didn’t know my in-laws were so cunning, but this surely has nothing to do with Mason. All his attention is on composing and he often goes overseas. He doesn’t manage Campos Corporation at all…”

Old Master Hill shook his head in disappointment. “If your in-laws were that smart, they wouldn’t have been poor and broke despite being in their 40s. Campos Corporation has been keeping a low profile and patiently waiting all these years. There’s a person who’s scheming behind the scenes.”

“Dad, you don’t mean to say that this person is Mason, right?” Lea did not believe it at all. “I’ve laid in the same bed with him for decades. No one understands him more than me.”

Old Madam Hill said helplessly, “Your grandfather has already investigated it. Liam and Valerie weren’t the ones who spread the news about Shaun’s mental illness. There are only so many people in the Hill family. Who else do you think it could be if it wasn’t him?”

Lea was shocked.

She did not want to be suspicious, but if that was really Mason’s doing…

“And…” Old Master Hill said, “You know about the marriage between the Campos and the Yule families right? It was supposed to be a happy occasion, but ever since Joel got into the accident, the Campos and the Yule families are now joining forces and money to enter the finance, logistics, and e-commerce industries. They already have Hill Corporation’s subsidiary companies surrounded and in a pinch.”

Old Madam Hill said, “Initially, Shaun wanting the Campos family to compensate 80 billion dollars would’ve broken their capital chain and rendered their plans useless. But you…”

Lea slumped into the chair. She felt cold all around.

“Thanks to you, the Hill family might only have Hill Corporation Electronics to rely on in the future.” Old Master Hill wanted to slap her. “Get lost. I don’t want to see you.”

Lea did not know how she walked out from the Hill family’s manor.

She had used her hard-earned money to help the Campos family steal the Hill family’s business?

No, she had to get back the money no matter what!