Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 479

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 479 – “Shaun, this is the second time you’re accusing me because of that woman.” Rodney was angry too. “Shelley is Sarah’s sister. Sarah isn’t here anymore. I’m doing this to protect her family.”

“Yes, I always thought the same too. That’s why I gave up on my principles for the sake of Sarah again and again. All these years, how many evil deeds have Thomas committed?!

“Four years ago, he caused someone’s d***h. All of the evidence pointed to him, yet I endured the whole of Australia criticizing me and fought the lawsuit for him. After that case, I hated my occupation and withdrew from the lawyer community. All these years, I let Hugh target me all he wanted and you know it.


Rodney was silent.

Shaun held Catherine’s hand tightly. “I defended Thomas for four years, and I even gave the Neeson family a lesson when they were pressuring the Langley family. However, that has caused problems in my marriage. People have to look forward eventually. I can’t be tied to Sarah for the rest of my life. It’s unfair to Catherine.”

Rodney gritted his teeth discontentedly. “So this is the love you gave Sarah in the past? It seems like it’s not a big deal after all.”

“She’s already d**d. Perhaps… you love her more than I do.”

Rodney’s body jerked. Shaun knew.

“If you’re still my good friend and brother, I hope you’ll treat my wife with more respect in the future.”

Shaun ended the call and stared straight at Catherine who was in a daze.

Her brain was in a mess.

She had previously heard that Shaun was Australia’s top lawyer, but he suddenly vanished from the industry one day. It turned out that it was due to Thomas.

Not only that, Rodney liked Sarah?

What cheesy plot twist was that?
“Cathy, I will let go of the past for you. Let’s look forward now, okay?” Shaun said seriously.

Catherine’s mind wandered off for a moment, but she quickly withdrew her hand. She could not tell which sentence of his was true or false.

“It’s okay. We still have time.” Shaun stood up. “You can continue your work. I won’t disturb you.”

After he spoke, he closed the door and left.

Catherine sat there for a long time, but she could not read even a word on the document.

After leaving Hudson Corporation, Shaun drove to the hospital for a drip.

The condition of his illness was unstable, so he could only take medicine for it.

Just as the needle was injected, Lea barged in furiously. “Shaun, you actually asked the legal department to demand 80 billion dollars from Campos Corporation?! Are you trying to finish them off? I think you’re going crazy for money now.”

Mason stood behind Lea, grimacing. “I know that you blame me for being together with your mother. It’s normal that you dislike me, but the Campos family is innocent. Shaun, I’m begging you, spare Campos Corporation.”

“Mason, don’t beg him.” Seeing the man she loved looking so inferior, Lea’s heart ached.

Shaun smirked playfully. “Uncle Mason, do you want to talk some more? I’ve seen many b*tches who try to make themselves look pitiable, but this is the first time I’m seeing a man trying to act pitiful. It’s quite amusing.”

Mason’s elegant face stiffened.

Lea was about to go crazy from anger. “Watch your mouth! Mason has been trying to speak up for you all along. Initially, I was slightly soft-hearted toward you during this period. Now, I realize that I’ve been overthinking things. You’re just cold, heartless, and inhumane.”

Shaun crossed his arms. “How am I inhumane? 80 billion dollars is indeed the profit that rightfully belongs to Hill Corporation from our joint projects with Campos Corporation all these years. My account statement has it written down clearly. They are the ones who did not give that money to us. I’m demanding Hill Corporation’s money back, yet I’m getting scolded. Mom, I’m doing this for the benefit of Hill Corporation.”

“Hill Corporation does not need such benefits. The Campos and Hill families are relatives to begin with. These projects were the decisions that I made back then when I wanted to support the Campos family. Your grandfather knows of this too—”

“Then you can look for my grandfather. Why bother looking for me?” Shaun smirked in sarcasm.