Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 464

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 464 – Shaun had just stepped out of the shower when Shelley approached him with a glass of milk. “Eldest Young Master, let me blow dry your hair for you.”

She tried to reach out but the man quickly dodged. “No need for that.”

He drank the glass of milk and said flatly, “Go downstairs. I’ll get you if I need you.”

“But…” She could not hide the dissatisfaction in her eyes. “You shouldn’t be left alone in this condition. I can place a makeshift bed on the side…”

“No.” He frowned before saying, “This is the room I share with my wife. I don’t like other women lingering around here.”

“Sorry. I hadn’t thought about that.” She nodded, looking flustered. After leaving the bedroom, she bit her lips in annoyance. Shaun was not interested in her despite her and Sarah Neeson’s similar appearance.

However, it did not matter. She was halfway through her goal anyway.

The corners of her lips curled into a cold smile as she glanced at the glass of milk.

After Shelley left, Shaun got back in bed to check Catherine’s WhatsApp. There were no messages and updates from her or her social media.

This annoying woman. Did she really have to leave the house and ignore him just because of a small argument?

She had promised to spend the rest of her life with him, yet now, she abandoned him alone in the house. How could she?

He felt a sudden heaviness in his chest.

To stop himself from dwelling on that, he checked out his own social media feed. His handsome face fell at the sight of that trending hashtag, #EldestYoungMastersWifeInPub. He then clicked play on the viral clip.

Inside the colorful pub, Catherine was positioned between Freya and Charity as they danced happily on stage. She had even tied a knot at the hem of her shirt, revealing her tiny waist and belly button. She looked like a little vixen.

He was so pissed that he almost spewed blood.

When would she stop doing things like this? It had only been a day since she left, and everyone knew she was out dancing in the pub.

He really wanted to lock her up in the house to prevent her from going out and seducing others again.

Immediately, he sent her a video recording only to find out his number had been blacklisted.

His heart rate spiked within seconds.

All of a sudden, his phone rang with a call from Thomas. “Eldest Young Master, you must help me out. Charity has crossed the line this time. She hit me in the public and d*mn, it hurts so bad.”

A hint of annoyance flashed across Shaun’s eyes, but he suppressed his emotions quickly. “Where did that happen?”

“In the pub,” the other man shouted. “I didn’t even say anything, yet she called Sarah a s**t. I couldn’t hear more of that, so I started to argue with her. That’s when she hit me.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes. This woman was surely courting her d***h.

Then, Thomas said in a lowered voice, “There’s something else… I’m not sure if I should say this, but your wife is with her tonight. Well, from what I can tell, Charity was really trying to curry up to her…”

“That’s enough. Tell me the address of that pub, and I’ll be there right away.”

Shaun laughed internally. It was not unexpected that Charity would try being friendly with Catherine after she had failed to please him. However, he would not forgive her for using his wife to achieve her own goals.

Once he had gotten changed, he shuffled down the stairs.

“Eldest Young Master, where are you going?”

“Out.” He grabbed the car keys and started walking to the garage.

Upon getting in the car, he found out that Shelley had positioned herself in the passenger seat. He ordered with a frown, “Get out.”

“No. I must come with you, given your unstable condition.” She smiled bitterly. “I’m sure you don’t wish to lose control in public too, right?”