Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 459

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Those hateful words echoed in Shaun’s brain. He immediately flew his hands to cover his ears to stop hearing them.

He did not want to hear the woman he loved calling him such names.

He knew he was ill, but even Catherine hated him now.

Flustered at the situation, Aunty Yasmine stepped up to grab his arms. “Eldest Young Master, you can’t treat Young Madam like this. She didn’t say those words intentionally. It’s only because she’s jealous of seeing you being intimate with Shelley…”

However, Shaun was like a madman at this moment. Not only did he not listen to her, but he even shoved Aunty Yasmine forcefully. The latter hit her head on the ground and passed out.

Shelley quickly gave him a jab. Finally, he stopped shouting as he lost consciousness.

The living room was suddenly in complete silence. The only noises were Catherine’s yelling for help from the cellar below. The corners of Shelley’s lips twitched into a cold smile as her eyes revealed intense hatred.

‘Catherine Jones, I bet you didn’t see this coming.’

In the cellar.

Catherine screamed until her voice was coarse, yet no one came to help her out.

Fortunately, although the cellar did not have windows, it was equipped with lights and constant warm temperature.

She was exhausted after the long night.

She did not expect to find herself not only less important to Shaun than a d**d person, but also less important than a d**d person’s substitute.

She really lost all her courage to fight for this man.

Perhaps nothing good would come out of it after all the torment inflicted upon her.

Right at this moment, all she wanted was to escape this place.

She thought she would be trapped down here for a long time. At night, she went in and out of consciousness for a few hours. When she went to knock on the door sometime later, it opened unexpectedly.

This took her by surprise. She walked out of the cellar cautiously only to realize it was already 9:00 a.m. The living room was eerily quiet.

At first, she wanted to leave the villa right away. However, she was worried that something might have happened to Shaun upon recalling his furious behavior yesterday. In the end, she could not resist tiptoeing to the bedroom.

She pushed the door slightly ajar to see Shaun lying face down on the bed without any clothes on. Shelley, who was dressed in a camisole, was sitting on top of him, giving him a gentle back massage.

“Eldest Young Master, does this feel good?”

Shelley’s flirtatious voice filled the room. Catherine felt sick at the sight of this.

She left the place without looking back.

How stupid she was to worry about his condition after he trapped her in the cellar all night.

It turned out he was indulged in Shelley’s tender comfort.

When she imagined the two of them doing something more intimate than that on her bed, she could not help but feel nauseous.

She made up her mind to give up on this man indefinitely.

Despite that, there was something she did not know.

After she left, Shelley got off Shaun’s body and checked on the man. He was still unconscious.

Shelley got dressed and rang Rodney on the phone.

About half an hour later, both Rodney and Chester arrived looking extremely worried.

Shelley said to their concerned faces. “I rushed over last night after getting a phone call from Aunty Yasmine. I gave him some m********n and finally got him to calm down. When the Young Madam came home, she hit me without hearing me out. Eldest Young Master woke up at the commotion and started arguing with her.”