Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 448

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 448 – Chester was simmering with rage. “Can you stop it…”

“Excuse me, Miss. You can’t enter.”

A server’s voice rang out.

As soon as Catherine turned her head around and looked in that direction, she immediately recognized that it was the cool lady whom she met at the roadside.

“Charity, who allowed you to come here?” Rodney suddenly rose to his feet. His handsome face was filled with disgust and resentment. “Get lost right now.”

“I’m here to look for Eldest Young Master Hill.” Charity’s eyelashes twitched, but she continued to stare at Shaun. “Eldest Young Master Hill, I’d like to have a word with you regarding Neeson Corporation…”

“Do you think Shaun would come to your assistance?” Rodney scoffed, “The Neeson family has done so many wicked things. Aren’t you aware of it? Call the security guards and drag her out.”

A group of security guards at the manor immediately surrounded Charity and clutched both sides of her shoulders.

“Hold on.” Catherine got up all of a sudden. “She’s a lady, after all. Don’t be so rude to her.”

“You know nothing,” Rodney roared. “Catherine, you just have to give me a hard time tonight, huh?”

“Rodney, I’m just being frank since your behavior is disgusting.” Catherine’s face turned grim. “From the moment I walked in here, have you treated me nicely?”

Rodney could not be bothered about her. “Control her, Shaun.”

“Come over here, Cathy.”

Surprisingly, Shaun spoke in a deep voice this time, “Don’t bother about this matter.”

This matter…?

Was she having a row with Rodney simply because of this matter?

Did Shaun not notice how fierce Rodney was to her?

Catherine looked at the man’s figure, disappointed. “If she was my friend, I’d definitely let her in.”

Then, she noticed that the three men’s gazes on her.

She could sense that the gazes were unfriendly, but she did not mind. All she cared about was Shaun…

Shaun’s eyes were filled with indifference when he looked at Catherine. It had been a while since his handsome face turned so grim. “Cathy, you’d better not go too far. She’s not worthy of being your friend. Stay away from her.”

“What if I don’t?” She straightened her back and looked into his eyes.

Shaun pursed his lips in annoyance, but Rodney could no longer tolerate her behavior. “Catherine, are you f*cking done? Stop fooling around. There’s a limit to it. Shaun might be able to bear with you if you dare be friends with this woman, but I definitely won’t.”

Catherine remained silent as her eyes riveted on Shaun. Nevertheless, Shaun kept an impassive face without saying a word.

The atmosphere was tense.

At this moment, Charity suddenly smiled. “It’s fine, Miss Jones. If you insist on being friends with me, Eldest Young Master Hill might divorce you.”

Catherine looked at the stunning lady in astonishment. The lady addressed her as Madam Hill when they first met, yet she called her Miss Jones now.

It baffled her why Shaun and the men hated Charity so much. She did not find Charity evil. Instead, she felt that Charity was open and honest.

Charity would rather barge in alone to ask Shaun for help than ask Catherine for help, even though she recognized Catherine just now.

“Stop it, Charity,” Shaun warned with a somber voice.

“Am I wrong? Since she’s your wife, you’re supposed to protect her at all times, especially when your buddies are around.”

Charity snorted sarcastically. “You just let your buddies yell at her this way. Have you ever thought of your wife’s feelings, Eldest Young Master Hill?”

Catherine’s dry throat felt slightly better.

Against all her expectations, the first person who considered her feelings was not Shaun but the stranger whom she had only met twice.