Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 397

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 397 – “Oh wow, so this hotel actually belongs to Charlie! I heard that the hotel’s turnover for this year is among the top three of all hotels in Australia. That’s impressive.’

“That’s right.” Melanie shifted her gaze toward Charlie who was being surrounded by the crowd. The man was quite attractive, although not as handsome or fit as Eldest Young Master Hill. Besides, his future was full of opportunities and potential.

Everyone from the Hill family was present today, not to mention the other influential names in the politics and business industry. She felt distinguished for having these guests at her engagement ceremony.

This was the wedding she had been dreaming of.

Shaun would probably regret his choice when he arrived later. It was his fault for not wanting to marry her.

Plus, there was Catherine as well. That d********d woman must be so envious of her.

“Look, Eldest Young Master Hill is here! He’s accompanied by Catherine Jones.”

Aunty Irene shouted out of the blue.

Everyone present at the private beach turned their heads to the entrance. Shaun came in while dressed in a white tux. He rarely showed up in public events wearing white but right this moment, he resembled Prince Charming from all the fairytales. The other male guests present could not compare to him.

Besides, Charlie, the groom-to-be, was also dressed in a white tux today. He looked so average in comparison to Shaun’s charming appearance.

Enraged, he smashed the wine glass in his hand.

On the other hand, Melanie had also failed to compose her emotions. This was because she noticed the light blue evening gown that Catherine was wearing at the moment.

She had wanted to wear that piece of masterwork from expert designer BonnyKing for her engagement ceremony yet she failed to get her hands on it despite offering a lofty sum. However, Catherine now showed up at the ceremony wearing that exact dress.

Yvonne covered her mouth before whispering, “Is that the evening gown you…”

Melanie threw her a piercing stare immediately.

“It’s alright. Catherine’s face is horrendous anyway. It’s a waste that the evening gown fell into her hands,” Yvonne said a few seconds later.

“You’re right.” In the past, Melanie was jealous of Catherine for being prettier than her.

She could not be happier about the woman’s facial disfigurement.

After cheering up a little, she walked toward the newly-arrived couple with Charlie.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, your presence at my engagement ceremony brings light to our humble ceremony.” Charlie stepped forward while smiling. Despite the polite greeting, he did not initiate a handshake.

This was Catherine’s first time meeting Charlie.

Honestly, the man was rather good-looking and probably stood at about 5’7 feet tall. However, he looked sleazy when he smiled. He did not exude an honorable elegance like Shaun naturally did.

President Thompson, who was standing nearby, laughed. “Bring light to your humble ceremony? Young Master Campos, you have a bright future ahead of you. Second Young Master Hill even signed a new collaboration strategy agreement after taking over the family business. You have so much more potential than a certain someone.”

Melanie was over the moon upon hearing that. She linked arms with Charlie before flashing a meaningful smile. “President Thompson, you shouldn’t have said that. Eldest Young Master Hill is the most respectable young master in Canberra, not to mention the wealthiest man in Australia.”

“The wealthiest man?” President Thompson gave a snort of contempt. “He only managed to do so because of the help from the Hill family. He’s nothing without his family’s support.”

The man paused briefly for dramatic effect before shouting at the old man who was standing not far away, “Am I right, Old Master Hill?”

The latter sneered as he threw a sideways glance at Shaun. “It’s a shame the man himself doesn’t seem to realize that.”

President Thompson did not even try to hide the disdain in his eyes when he looked at Shaun. “Eldest Young Master Hill, take care. You should enjoy the feast tonight with your wife. Perhaps no one else would invite you to such exclusive events in the future.”

“Well, then I shall thank President Thompson for your advice.” The corners of Shaun’s lips twitched into an enigmatic smile. He did not appear annoyed or frustrated but looked more like he was watching a ridiculous puppet show.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, please don’t be upset.” Melanie suddenly used a hand to cover her mouth as if she had only just noticed Catherine. “Oh, what happened to your face? Yikes, the uneven texture looks terrifying.”

Something cold flashed across Shaun’s eyes. He parted his lips, intending to retaliate.

Catherine tightened her grip around his hand and smiled calmly. “It’s quite scary. Sometimes, I even hate myself in the middle of the night. But fortunately, Shaun gave me the confidence I needed by staying with me, encouraging me, and loving me. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid at the other women who keep trying to seduce him.”

The calmness of her tone made Melanie’s insult seem insignificant.

Quite the contrary, Catherine’s words implied that Melanie had once pestered Shaun yet he would still rather be with a d********d woman than her.

Melanie was furious at the humiliation, but an enigmatic smile flashed across Charlie’s face. “Mrs. Hill, men don’t always tell the truth. After all, what happened to your face is truly sympathetic.”