Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 388

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 388 – “Fine, I’ll be honest with you.” Shaun grabbed her hand and put it under his chin. “Every time I contacted Melanie Yule, it was because she looked a little like you. I admit I’ve never gotten over you since I returned to Melbourne.”

‘I’ve never gotten over you…’

It was just five words, but Catherine suddenly felt that it was the only sentence he had said so far that came out naturally and touched her since she came to Canberra.

Her heart beat faster.

When she first met Melanie, she also felt that Melanie and her were a little similar.

However, she did not expect it to be the reason he approached Melanie.

After all, he was so decisive when he left Melbourne.

His mistrust also hurt her deeply.

“At first, I thought that since you never loved me and approached me purely to deceive me, I would marry a woman who looks similar to you and forget about it. But I didn’t expect her to be your half-sister.”

Shaun’s eyes grew complicated. “Ever since I met you at the Yule residence, I never thought about wanting to be with Melanie anymore.”

“But you always accompanied her to the Yule residence. Also, did you forget how arrogant you were with protecting her during your grandfather’s birthday party?” Catherine gritted her teeth in hatred at the memory. “I didn’t feel like you cared much about me. You even humiliated me countless times.”

Shaun glanced at her strangely. “If it weren’t because I wanted to see you, why do you think I would attend some stupid birthday party? On the other hand, you brought Wesley Lyons to meet your parents while you were still married. Have you ever thought of my feelings? Did you want me to sit at the same table and watch how affectionate you and Wesley are?”


Catherine listened to him make bogus accusations with a righteous look on his face. She was unhappy. “Didn’t you show off your love in front of me as well?”

“Did it bother you when I did?” Shaun snorted coldly and questioned her.

“…No.” Catherine turned her face away.

Shaun was annoyed, but he had to give in when she was behaving like this. All he could do was hold her in his arms and hug her tightly. “Even if you don’t care, I do. Cathy, I know you hate me, but what can I do? I think that you’re toying with me, but I can’t let you go. I’m afflicted with the poison known as Catherine Jones.”

The more he talked, the more vexed he became. He lowered his head and bit her lip. The kisses were filled with chagrin, urgency, and… tenderness.

Catherine had always rejected him before.

Somehow, there always seemed to be a deep divide between the two of them.

She was full of resentment towards him.

However, now that he had spilled his heart out to her, her heart unwillingly softened under his k**s.

She could not resist him.

She knew that no matter the walls she built, this man would break it down bit by bit.

That was because she remembered how he fought against the entire Hill family for her. He fought against the wealthy families in Canberra for her, and he gave up the position of president of Hill Corporation for her…

Those were all facts.

Otherwise, when Old Master Hill gave her a choice, she would not have chosen to stay.

In the end, it was because of him.

Noticing that there was a slight change in her, Shaun became extremely happy.

He deepened the k**s before he slowly pressed his body down on her.

Catherine thought of Aunty Yasmine in the kitchen and subconsciously held his arm, saying softly, “Don’t, Aunty Yasmine is here…”

What replied to her was the man’s suddenly trembling arm. Then, she saw a sudden flash of pain in his deep eyes, but it was very brief.


“Fine. It’s fine if you don’t want to.” Shaun propped his body up with one hand. “I’m going to the washroom…”